7 Best Nightingale Server Hosting 2024

I have compared the best Nightingale Server Hosting providers so it can be easy for you to play with your friends online.

Nightingale is an immersive PvE open-world survival crafting game that can be played solo or cooperatively with friends. In this game, players embark on a journey of survival and adventure into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms.

As intrepid Realmwalkers, players will explore, craft, build, and fight their way through a visually stunning Gaslamp Fantasy world. Stranded beyond our world due to the collapse of the arcane portal network, players must navigate a labyrinth of beautiful and dangerous Fae realms to survive.

The Top 7 Best Nightingale Server Hosting

1. BisectHosting

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  • Expert in Minecraft server hosting with support for 28+ other online games
  • Ability to pre-install 2,000+ Minecraft mod packs automatically
  • 24/7/365 dedicated support, average ticket response time under 15 minutes
  • Providing server hosting services since 2011
  • Plans starting at $2.99/month
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  • Seamless automated modpack installation
  • Robust DDoS protection & low latency due to global locations
  • Customizable and intuitive control panel
  • Reliable 3-day money-back guarantee


  • Slower panel speeds reported
  • No refund policy for game server hosting beyond the 3-day period

BisectHosting has made its mark providing specialized Minecraft server hosting services since 2011 and has expanded to support hosting for 28+ diverse online games. Notably, they boast an impressive ability to pre-install over 2,000 Minecraft mod packs automatically, making the modding process a breeze.

BisectHosting ensures a highly supported hosting experience, both regarding its 24/7/365 dedicated customer support, with an average ticket response time under 15 minutes, and the robust DDoS protection offered on all its gaming servers.

Focused on delivering a customizable and reliable user experience, BisectHosting servers come with a configurable control panel and NVMe Solid State Drives to reduce I/O and server response time. Combined with servers located worldwide, users can enjoy extremely low latency, a key attribute for gamers.

With hosting plans starting as low as $2.99 per month, and ranging to higher-tier plans depending on RAM requirements, BisectHosting makes it affordable to have a superior gameplay experience. Each plan comes with a three-day money-back guarantee, providing a safety net for new users.

BisectHosting stands out with its Nightingale server hosting, providing specialized robust services and ensuring high performance, security, and support.

In conclusion, BisectHosting is an excellent choice for gamers, particularly Minecraft enthusiasts looking for a hassle-free, well-supported, and reliable hosting solution.

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2. Shockbyte

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  • Servers for game development like Minecraft
  • Offer 100% uptime with full FTP access
  • Supports all mod packs with custom jar support
  • Top-notch customer service with 24/7 live chat support
  • Starting at $2.50/month for Dirt Plan
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  • High-quality servers for seamless gaming
  • 24/7 assistance and support
  • Multicraft Control Panel (CP) for easy management
  • Great range of affordable plans


  • No dedicated servers
  • Only a 24-hour money-back guarantee

Shockbyte is a game server provider dedicated to delivering top-quality services at the most affordable prices. Operating since March 2013, Shockbyte is one of the longstanding Minecraft hosts in the industry.

The team at Shockbyte prides itself on their commitment to superior user experience. They utilize cutting-edge hardware and offer 24/7 support to ensure that all clients receive the best service possible.

With a wide range of features including BungeeCord Support, Java Version Switcher, custom JAR support, and more, Shockbyte ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, with unlimited SSD storage and DDoS protection, users can game worry-free.

Shockbyte offers a range of pricing plans starting at $2.50 per month for the Dirt Plan. Catering to different budgets and needs, users can select from various options with different RAM, slots, and price points. They also offer the opportunity to create a custom plan, providing even more flexibility.

Whilst their 24-hour money-back guarantee might seem short when compared to others in the industry, their firm commitment to quality and positive user reviews make Shockbyte a dependable choice for Minecraft server hosting.

Particularly, the Nightingale server hosting optimizes gaming experience to a whole new level. Catering to gamers across America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, Shockbyte is a global force in the gaming server hosting industry.

Shockbyte is also one of the best Palworld server hosting providers.

3. GameTeam

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  • Specifically optimized for gaming hosting
  • High-performance AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs for all plans
  • Ready-to-use MySQL databases for plugins/mods
  • Unlimited server slots with instant activation
  • Minecraft Server: Starting at $2.00/GB
  • Ark: Survival Evolved Server: Starting at $0.14/Slot
  • Valheim Server: Starting at $0.75/Slot
  • Rust Server: Starting at $0/Slot
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  • Fast and reliable server performance
  • Unlimited SSD storage and automated backups
  • 5 TB/s DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Technical support


  • Cost may vary by location and tax
  • Some advanced features require specific server plans

GameTeam is a hosting provider with a unique proposition – they’re gamers first, and a hosting provider second. It’s a business built around delivering high-performance gaming hosting at an affordable price. They understand your needs as a gamer, having managed their first Minecraft server for their own fun.

Their servers come with AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs, ensuring one of the fastest processing speeds in the industry. With low latency and high IO hardware, you’re almost guaranteed smooth gameplay no matter how intensive your game is.

GameTeam ensures data security with its multi-disk Raid 1 system. Server data is stored on 2 different disks simultaneously, reducing the chances of data loss. Additionally, they provide automated backups to further safeguard your data.

The company takes pride in its customer service, which includes 24/7 technical support to address any potential issues you might encounter. It offers a wide array of plans for different games, with starting prices as indicated above.

GameTeam also ensures instant activation, so the server is ready for use the moment you purchase a plan. With its commitment to never oversell, you won’t have to worry about crowded servers impacting your gaming experience.

Overall, with its fast and reliable hosting, comprehensive data protection, and gamer-first philosophy, GameTeam provides a hosting experience par excellence, making it a top choice for any gaming enthusiast looking for a superior hosting solution.

4. GTX Gaming

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  • Hosting 100+ game server types including Nightingale
  • Optimized network for gaming and low latency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offsite game server backups
  • Starting at $6.00/month
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  • Wide range of game servers
  • Outstanding connectivity and reduced lag
  • Rapid server deployment on game release
  • Hardware updated annually


  • Some customer complaints about abrupt support staff
  • Limited knowledge base for troubleshooting

GTX Gaming has made its mark as a veteran in game server hosting. With 14 years in the industry, their expertise is evident in the efficient and reliable services they offer.

GTX Gaming guarantees optimal performance with its game-optimized network designed specifically to reduce latency. This is crucial for a seamless in-game experience where every millisecond counts.

GTX Gaming is committed to staying at the forefront of the gaming industry, ensuring they host all new game servers on launch day, including the Nightingale server.

Available 24/7, their support team is ready to offer assistance, though a few users have reported occasional impatience. Despite this, GTX Gaming maintains a firm stand in handing out professional help with a Discord server for additional community support.

Furthermore, GTX Gaming doesn’t compromise the safety of your game servers as they implement full daily backups moved to offsite locations. Security is further enhanced with cutting-edge DDoS protection.

When it comes to keeping up with the demanding requirements of the modern online gaming scene, the company guarantees they update their hardware annually to deliver the best gaming experience.

Affordable and performance-oriented, GTX Gaming offers a wide range of pricing options with packages starting as low as $6.00 per month.

With a proven track record and commendable commitment to service, GTX Gaming makes an excellent choice for individuals or teams seeking a reliable game server hosting solution.

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5. Survival Servers

survival server
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  • Instant server setup
  • Wide selection of supported game titles
  • Optimized performance with latest CPUs, DDR4 memory, NVMe hard disks
  • Dedicated resources for reliable performance
  • Starting price to be confirmed, may be higher than competitors
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  • Custom in-house control panel
  • Flexible server settings and mods customization
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Automated, off site backups


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Limited focus on game server hosting
  • No free trial period available
  • Refund policy has a limited time window

Founded in 2012, Survival Servers has been providing high-performing game server hosting to hundreds of thousands of customers world-wide. They stand out in the market with their robust and custom in-house control panel and speed performance backed by leading-edge technologies such as Intel and AMD’s latest CPUs, super fast DDR4 memory, and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks.

The company ensures optimal game engagement with their instant server setup, enabling customers to switch locations at any time. Auto server restarts also ensure the game runs smoothly and continuously. Their process performance has been optimized specifically for gaming, ensuring zero lag and low latency.

The Nightingale server hosting, a unique offering by Survival Servers, has grown popular amongst gaming enthusiasts. It offers wide customization options for server settings and game mods, giving players the freedom to customize their gaming experience.

Despite being a solid choice for game server hosting, Survival Servers does have its drawbacks. Their pricing may be higher compared to some competitors and they only focus on game server hosting, limiting the features for other hosting needs. Also, they do not offer a free trial period, and their refund policy has a limited time window.

However, with excellent customer support, an array of supported game titles, and high-quality server resources, Survival Servers continues to be a strong player in the game hosting industry.

Survival Server hosting is also featured as one of the best Skull and Bones Server hosting.

6. Low.ms

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  • Specializes in low latency game server hosting
  • NVMe Powered Systems for enhanced performance
  • Top-tier DDoS protection included
  • 24/7 Support with guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Starting at £60/month for Nightingale server hosting
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  • Instant setup after payment
  • High-performance CPUs with speeds up to 5.3GHz
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Quality Guarantee with 5-day full refund policy


  • Controversy over poor handling of server issues
  • Leaks in customer service and management

Low.ms stands out in the gaming community as a reliable provider of low latency game server hosting, providing superior service from the UK to Australia. They specialize in Nightingale server hosting, offering hardware with raw processing power, DDR4 memory, and Intel SSDs.

The company’s service is amplified by its instant setup, which makes the gaming experience kick off in no time right after payment. The high-performance CPUs, including the latest Intel i9s, Ryzens, and Xeon E-series CPUs with speeds of up to 5.3GHz, are built to maintain smooth gameplay even with heavy server load.

Besides top-notch performance, Low.ms also ensures security through its robust 10 Gbps DDoS protection. This minimizes interruptions to the gaming experience, which is further enhanced by an exceptional round-the-clock customer support team.

Despite its competitive pricing, starting at £60 per month for Nightingale server hosting, some users have raised concerns over Low.ms’s handling of server issues. The company faced criticism for a case where customer servers and backups were wiped, leading to significant data loss. This was perceived as a management issue, with the company’s customer service also gaining some disapproval.

On the whole, while the controversy may have tainted its reputation to some extent, Low.ms strives to create an enjoyable gaming experience for its users with top-tier hardware and dedicated support. The company’s quality guarantee, providing a full refund within the first five days of order, adds an extra layer of confidence for users looking for reliable game server hosting.

7. XGamingServer

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  • Offering dedicated game servers with dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage
  • Instant Provision for quick game server setup
  • Advanced Anti DDoS protection
  • Supporting over 20 different games
  • Starting at $8 per month

XGamingServer offers nightingale server hosting and is dedicated to providing an optimized performance for a seamless gaming experience. They offer dedicated resources which ensure consistent game speed and performance.

They benefit from a swift setup, with game servers erected within minutes of order placement. Furthermore, servers are guarded by advanced DDoS protection to safeguard your gaming sessions.

Their game panel teems with robust features, allowing easy configuration and control over servers and game files, along with automated cloud backups and much more, while their global datacenters ensure optimal ping for smooth gaming.

XGamingServer supports over 20 different games catering to various gamers’ tastes, and their diverse pricing plans make sure there’s an option for every budget. However, attentive monitoring of your chosen server size is required to avoid disruptions.

With glowing reviews on Trustpilot and a strong reputation, an issue that some users have raised is related to refunds and server cancellations. Nonetheless, the overall user experience, along with their excellent support, makes XGamingServer a tremendous gaming server hosting service.

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