How to Setup Palworld Dedicated Server

Setup a dedicated server for Palworld enhances your gaming experience by giving you control and reliability. This guide focuses on using SteamCMD, a more professional and resource-efficient method than the standard Steam download, especially beneficial for those who don’t own the game on Steam.

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Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Hosting your own Palor dedicated server has several advantages:

  • Control: You have complete control over the server settings and gameplay environment.
  • Reliability: In the event the official servers are down, your private server remains operational.
  • Cost-Effective: Utilizing your own system means there are no additional costs for third-party hosting services.

Setting Up Your Server

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to set up your Palor dedicated server:

Now to install your Palworld server, you have to choose a Windows local machine or an online VPS like OVHCloud.

1. Downloading the Server

There are two ways to download the Palor dedicated server:

  • Via Steam: If you own the game on Steam, search for Palor in your library, find ‘Palor Dedicated Server’, and download.
  • Using Steam CMD: If you don’t own the game on Steam, use Steam CMD, an official tool from Valve. A link to download Steam CMD can be found in the description below the video guide.

Downloading Palworld Dedicated Server

Using SteamCMD:

1. Download SteamCMD for Windows: This tool uses fewer resources and doesn’t require a Steam account.

2. Extract SteamCMD: Choose a folder where you’ll install the server.

3. Create Start.bat File: In the folder, create a file named start.bat. This will later be used to start the server after auto-updating. For now, include the command

steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 2394010 +quit

4. Run Start.bat: Execute this file to download the game server files.

If Downloaded via Steam:

  • Create a New Start.bat File: In the server’s folder, create start.bat and include the same command as above.

Alternative Steam Launch Options:

  • Set Launch Options: In Steam, right-click Palworld, choose Properties, and paste the server start command under LAUNCH OPTIONS.

For All Methods:

  • Customize Server Name: Replace “GserverHosting Server” with your desired server name.
  • Public Server Listing: Remove EpicApp=PalServer if you do not wish your server to be publicly listed.

Configuring the Server

  1. Edit Default Settings: In steamapps\common\PalServer, open DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini and copy everything from [/Script/Pal.PalGameWorldSettings] to the end.
  2. Paste in PalWorldSettings.ini: Navigate to Pal\Saved\Config\WindowsServer and paste into PalWorldSettings.ini.
  3. Customize Settings: Adjust server name, description, admin password, server password (optional), and RCONEnabled.

Launching the Server

  • Using SteamCMD: Run start.bat from the server’s main folder.
  • Using Steam: Either run start.bat in the server folder or use the Steam launch options.

Joining Your Server

  • Connect Locally: Use (VPS IP address) to join your server.

Saving and Exiting Your Server

  • Admin Commands: Type /AdminPassword followed by your admin password, then use /Save and /Shutdown commands for reliable server management.

Letting Others Join Your Server

Open to LAN:

  1. Firewall Configuration: Allow the ASA server through your firewall.
  2. Open Necessary Ports: Use PowerShell as an admin to open ports 8211, 27015, 27016, and 25575 (for RCON).
  3. Local IP Address: Use ipconfig to find your local IP for LAN connections.

Port Forwarding:

  • Direct Traffic: Forward traffic from the allowed ports to your computer.
  • Router Settings: Varies per router; forward ports 8211, 27015, 27016, and 25575 for TCP/UDP to your computer’s IP.

Letting Others Join Over the Internet

  • Server Browser: Your server should now appear in the in-game server browser.
  • External IP: Share your external IP (found via Google search “What is my IP”) with others to join using open

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Following these steps, you can set up and manage your own Palworld dedicated server, opening up a new world of gameplay possibilities with friends, both locally and over the internet. Enjoy your custom gaming experience!

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