Server.Pro Review (Features, Pros and Cons) 2024, based in Sweden, is a game hosting company aimed at providing free and premium game hosting to a worldwide audience.

Its goal is quality game hosting with a balance of great control and superb customer service.

Bearing the tagline of ‘Your Own Server, Your Way’, provides an extensive catalog of features that positions itself as a suitable choice for gamers around the globe.

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  • Dedicated control panel
  • Supports mods and plugins
  • Scheduler for Server Automation
  • Fast Performance & Reliable Customer Support
  • Prices range from free to $40/month
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  • Advanced console for full server control
  • Ability to change maps or worlds easily
  • Responsive customer service
  • Supports multi-admin access


  • Pricing might be steep for some users
  • Performance may vary based on server location

Features offers gaming enthusiasts a robust mix of features. At the heart of its offering is a powerful console that enables full control over your server.

Adding to the versatility, it supports multi-admin access, allowing your friends or partners to help you manage your servers.

The company understands that the fun of gaming is in its diversity. Hence, it offers support for any mod or plugin, enhancing your gaming experience. Changing maps or worlds on your game server is seamless with just a few mouse clicks.

The ‘Scheduler’ feature handles automated server command execution, and the ‘Resize’ feature gives you the flexibility to upgrade your diskspace, memory, or CPU on your server quickly and easily.

You also have easy access to all your server files via the dedicated browser-based file manager.

Pricing provides varied plans catering to different user requirements. The ‘Free’ plan offers 2 vCores and 1GB memory, providing a considerable degree of processing power at no cost.

Premium plans start at $5 for the ‘Basic’ plan offering 2 vCores and 2GB memory. ‘Medium’ and ‘High’ plans are priced at $10 and $20 respectively, providing more vCores and memory.

If you need maximum processing power and memory, the ‘Ultra’ plan at $40 offers 4 vCores and a whopping 12GB memory. Although some may find the prices a bit steep, the comprehensive features and prompt customer support make them value for money.


After careful review, it’s clear that strikes an excellent balance between control, performance, and customer support.

Its varied plans and rich feature set cater to gamers with different demands.

Whether you’re a novice needing a free server or a gaming aficionado in pursuit of premium features, offers an impressive range of services and commendable customer support to ensure your gaming server requirements are fully met.

While the pricing of premium plans may be high for some, the value offered in terms of features and flexibility more than justify it. In the world of game hosting, seems to be carving out a niche for itself.

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