5 Best L4D2 Server Hosting Providers

Are you in search of L4D2 (Left 4 Dead 2) Server Hosting? Here, we have compiled a list of the best server hosting providers for comparison.

Left 4 Dead 2 horror game offers an amazing experience even more in multiplayer mode. This is the reason we have listed you as the best server hosting provider for this game.

The Top 5 Best L4D2 (Left 4 Dead 2) Server Hosting

ProviderPricing (Starting From)Special Features
BisectHosting$2.99/monthSpecialized in Minecraft and 28+ other online games, DDoS protection, NVMe SSDs, 20 server locations worldwide
ShockByte$2.50/month24/7 Live Chat Support, Supports All Mod Packs, Custom JAR Support, Free MySQL Databases
GTX Gaming$6.00/monthHosts 100+ games, Advanced game-optimized network, 24/7 support, Offsite game server backups
PingPerfect$0.43/monthSpecialized in game hosting, Free web hosting with 1GB storage, Advanced Xeon processors, 32GB RAM
GGServers$3.00/monthSupport for Java and Bedrock Edition, 1-Click Modpacks & Plugin Installs, Customized Multicraft Control Panel, Unmetered SSD & NVMe Storage

1. BisectHosting

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  • Custom control panel for tailoring server settings
  • Automated modpack installation
  • Excellent reputation for low latency and reliable uptime
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • Specialized in Minecraft and 28+ other online games
  • DDoS protection and NVMe Solid State Drives
  • Exceptional support with an average ticket response time of 15 minutes
  • Server data backup for nearly three years
  • Extremely low latency with 20 server locations worldwide


  • Panel speed can be slow

BisectHosting is a go-to choice for Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) server hosting services and houses an array of features that set them apart in the industry.

The company has been in the business since 2011, supporting hosting for different games and promoting a seamless and supported experience for users.

Home to 28+ online games apart from Minecraft, BisectHosting offers an expansive selection to cater to diverse gamer interests.

Their specialized services ensure low latency courtesy their server hosting centers that span across the globe. The extensive geographical coverage promises an accessible connect point for every player, thereby providing all with a superior gaming experience.

One of the many appealing features that BisectHosting provides is its automated modpack installation, which enables easy and fast installation of mods to enhance the gameplay.

Employing NVMe Solid State Drives helps cut down the server response time substantially, giving users a fast and seamless gaming experience.

Moreover, the all-inclusive gaming servers are outfitted with DDoS protection, assisting in minimizing downtime, including intentional attacks. Furthermore, a dedicated server IP comes free when you choose their premium Minecraft server hosting option.

BisectHosting offers a variety of affordable plans, starting as low as $2.99/month. This makes BisectHosting a favored choice for gaming enthusiasts who want a high-performance, low-latency, accessible, and affordable game server host.

In terms of customer support, BisectHosting steals the show with its superior service. Boasting an average support ticket response time of under 15 minutes, BisectHosting provides knowledgeable and timely assistance, ensuring their users get prompt solutions for their queries and difficulties.

2. ShockByte

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  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Supports All Mod Packs
  • Custom JAR Support and Task Scheduling
  • Free MySQL Databases and Automatic Backups
  • Starting at $2.50/month
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  • Powerful CPU and Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Slots and Bandwidth
  • Snapshot Support and DDoS Protection
  • Wide Range of Pricing Plans for Different Needs


  • No Dedicated Server Offerings
  • Only a 24-Hour Money-Back Guarantee

Shockbyt is the cheapest L4D2 server hosting provider. Launched in 2013, it is one of the longest-running Minecraft hosts, with a team of experienced gamers and developers.

Shockbyte offers an impressive user experience and top-tier service. It flaunts excellent hardware, and boasts a global staff team to provide round-the-clock support for all clients.

With Shockbyte, you get a plethora of game server hosting features like BungeeCord Support, an in-built Java Version Switcher, custom JAR support, 100% uptime guarantee, and Full FTP Access amongst others. Furthermore, it supports all mod packs, making it an excellent choice for L4D2 (Left 4 Dead 2) server hosting.

Shockbyte’s use of DDR4 RAM, powerful CPUs, Unlimited NVMe SSD storage, and DDoS protection ensures a seamless gaming experience across every server. Its Multicraft Control Panel (CP) also makes server administration a breeze.

Shockbyte offers a wide range of hosting plans, with prices starting at a mere $2.50 per month. All plans come with at least 1GB RAM and 8+ slots, with the flexibility to upgrade based on your requirements. The plans are also diversified across various regions, including America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Despite its many offerings, Shockbyte does have a couple of limitations. It notably does not offer dedicated server offerings and only provides a 24-hour money-back guarantee.

However, combining an array of feature-rich game server hosting services, pocket-friendly plans, and exceptional customer support, Shockbyte surely makes a name for itself among gamers and webmasters looking to host games like Minecraft and L4D2.

3. GTX Gaming

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  • Wide variety of games hosted (100+)
  • Advanced game-optimized network
  • 24/7 available customer support
  • Offsite game server backups
  • Starting at $6.00/month
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  • Global reach with servers in many regions
  • Low latency for a better gaming experience
  • DDoS protected game servers
  • Wide range of games including Left 4 Dead 2


  • Inadequate knowledgebase
  • Some tech staff can be abrasive and impatient

GTX Gaming has been providing high-quality Life 4 Dead 2 servers for years. Their experience gives them the ability to optimize their servers for unparalleled gaming experiences.

Regardless of your location, GTX gaming ensures a low latency experience by utilizing its globally spread servers and advanced gaming network. This enhanced gaming experience is desirable, especially for games such as Left 4 Dead 2 which require quick response time.

The GTX network has been carefully designed for gaming, which ensures low pings and high redundancy. This means they are often the first to host new games on their server, offering them to gamers from day one of the launches.

Their 24/7 customer support ensures that you never have to wait for help. They even provide offsite backups of your game server on a daily basis for enhanced data security.

Their pricing is competitive with plans starting at just $6.00 per month, which makes them an affordable choice for many gamers.

Despite some negative experiences with their tech support, their commitment to continually updating their hardware to meet the demands of modern gaming and the comprehensive coverage of game titles, including the popular Left 4 Dead 2, makes GTX Gaming a solid choice for quality game server hosting.

If you are not sure please read the full review of GTX Gaming.

4. PingPerfect

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  • Specialized in game hosting with a variety of games available
  • Free web hosting with 1GB storage and 10GB traffic per month
  • Offers L4D2 server hosting
  • Provides advanced Xeon processors and minimum of 32GB RAM for maximum performance
  • Starting at $0.43/month
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  • Excellent customer support available 24/7
  • User-friendly interface ideal for beginners
  • Offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee
  • Equipped with DDOS protection.


  • Occasional service interruptions reported
  • Possible double-charging for the same invoice.

PingPerfect is a highly dedicated L4D2 server provider that reigns superiority in the field. With a team of seasoned gamers, programmers, and network technicians, PingPerfect is meticulous in delivering top-notch gaming experiences, setting them apart from other providers.

Notably specializing in L4D2 server hosting, their servers are packed with an array of advanced features that deliver reliable performance and latency. The servers operate on Xeon processors and a minimum of 32GB RAM, backed by a network designed for critical data delivery.

Their servers are also perfect for running Project Zomboid game servers.

PingPerfect strikes a delightful balance between providing excellent service and affordability. With pricing starting as low as $0.43 per month, it prides itself in delivering high-quality, reliable gaming servers to cater to budget-conscious gamers.

Also, the company doesn’t scrimp on customer support. They have a policy of responding to support requests within 30 minutes, with a team available 24/7 via Skype, Xfire, Steam, and tickets.

In addition to gaming servers, PingPerfect offers its users free web hosting with 1GB storage and 10GB traffic per month. This could be used to build gaming communities, share stats, downloads, and to promote the game server.

Although there have been some reported instances of service interruption and possible double-charging for the same invoice, it is reassuring to know that PingPerfect offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee with a promise to refund any dissatisfied customer.

Overall, with diligent customer support, robust server performance, and competitive prices, PingPerfect is an appealing choice for gamers seeking a high-performing hosting solution.

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5. GGServers

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  • Support for Java and Bedrock Edition
  • 1-Click Modpacks & Plugin Installs
  • Customized Multicraft Control Panel
  • Unmetered SSD & NVMe Storage
  • Starting at $3.00/month
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  • Great price for what you get
  • Servers are stable with consistent low ping
  • Convenient 24/7 live chat and technical support


  • Unclear instructions can be confusing for beginners
  • Relatively slower response time

Specializing in L4D2 game servers, GGServers offers fast, secure, and reliable hosting solutions. The company has been operating since 2013, focusing on providing game servers that offer both high-quality performance and affordable pricing.

With its commitment to transparency and customer support, GGServers has grown steadily, now offering impressive network capacity and an array of servers throughout multiple data centers globally. Their services are preferred by more than 500,000 clients worldwide.

GGServers enhances the gaming experience with features like support for Java, Bedrock Edition, one-click Modpacks, and Plugin Installs. Clients also benefit from a customized Multicraft Control Panel, unmetered SSD & NVMe Storage, and comprehensive FTP & MySQL Database Access.

Regarding their prices, GGServers provides an array of packages starting at a modest $3.00 per month, making it cost-effective for gamers across different levels of experience and budget. Each package offers unique features like different player slots, unmetered SSD, and Anti-DDoS protection to cater to individual gaming requirements.

The highest-tier plan they offer, the Beacon, provides unlimited player slots and scaled-up hardware for gaming communities, starting at $96.00/month. All plans offer 24/7 live chat and technical support, ensuring that users can get the help they need at any time.

A notable offering is their Left 4 Dead 2 server hosting, which comes with optimized speed, reliability, and protection from DDoS attacks. The strong performance and affordable pricing of these servers appeal to the vast gaming community dedicated to this popular game.

GGServers’ commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and focused service make it an attractive choice for gamers around the world seeking effective and affordable game server hosting.

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What is L4D2 Server Hosting?

L4D2 Server Hosting involves providing a dedicated server where players can join to play Left 4 Dead 2, a popular cooperative first-person shooter game. The hosted server ensures smoother gameplay by minimizing latency and providing a stable connection among the players.

Can I install mods on my L4D2 server?

Yes, with providers like BisectHosting, their custom game server panel makes modding easy, allowing you to add new weapons, maps, and other content.

Are updates for L4D2 automatically applied to the server?

Yes, with BisectHosting, all Left 4 Dead 2 updates are automatically applied, ensuring you always have the latest version without any manual intervention.

Can I customize my L4D2 server experience?

Absolutely. Owning a server gives you complete control over game and server files, allowing you to host both public and private lobbies, adjust settings, and install mods as you see fit.


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