10 Best Arma 3 Server Hosting (Compared) 2024

Are You Searching for the Best Arma 3 Server Hosting? Look No Further!

Embarking on your adventures in the expansive worlds of Arma 3 requires not just skill, but also a powerful, reliable server.

A top-notch Arma 3 server hosting ensures that every quest, every discovery, and every battle is experienced without a hitch.

In this guide, we’ll navigate through the essentials of choosing a hosting solution that guarantees optimal performance, ensuring your gameplay is smooth, immersive, and utterly exhilarating.

The Top 10 Best Arma 3 Server Hosting

ProviderPricing (Starting From)Special Features
BisectHosting$2.99/month20 server locations, Auto modpack installation
ShockByte$2.50/monthMinecraft hosting, Unlimited NVMe SSD
ScalaCubeFREE for basic serversUnlimited Player Slots, Automated Backups
GTX Gaming$10.72/month for Arma 3100+ games, Optimized network
SurvivalServers$46/monthDDR4 memory, NVMe hard disks
ApexHosting$7.49/month (1st month)One-click Modpacks, Offsite Backups
HostHavoc$2.99/monthHigh-performance, NVMe SSD storage
Low.ms£60/monthLow latency, Advanced hardware
PingPerfect$0.43/month200+ game servers, Xeon processors

1. BisectHosting

Editor Rating


  • Specializes in Arma 3 Server Hosting
  • Supports 28+ other online games
  • Automatic modpack installation with access to 2,000+ mods
  • 20 server locations worldwide for low latency
  • Plans starting at $2.99/month
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  • Extensive game support including Arma 3
  • Exceptional customer support
  • High resilience with DDoS protection and NVMe SSDs
  • Customizable control panel


  • Initial panel setup may be slow

BisectHosting is the best Arma 3 Server Hosting based on our research.

With an easy modding experience, BisectHosting goes beyond casual gaming by offering the convenience of pre-installed servers and automatic installation for over 2,000 Minecraft mods. The control panel is highly customizable, giving you the flexibility to adjust your server settings to your liking.

BisectHosting excels in the realm of customer support, providing round-the-clock assistance with average response times of under 15 minutes. Its hosting plans feature a 3-day money-back guarantee, emphasizing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

With servers hosted on NVMe Solid State Drives and DDoS protection, BisectHosting promises high resilience and reduced server response time. Its servers are strategically located in 20 different locations worldwide, ensuring low latency for gamers around the globe.

BisectHosting offers a range of affordable plans, starting at just $2.99 per month. These plans are tailored to suit various needs, ranging from 1GB to 4GB of RAM. Every premium server comes with a free dedicated server IP and almost three years of backups.

Given its impressive coverage, robust support for Minecraft and other games, and highly competitive pricing, BisectHosting stands as a reliable choice for gaming enthusiasts seeking top-notch server hosting services.

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2. ShockByte

Editor Rating


  • Provides game servers, specializes in Minecraft hosting
  • Additional support for BungeeCord, MCPC, MCPE and Java version switcher
  • Instant setup and robust DDoS protection
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Starting at $2.50/month
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  • High quality service at affordable prices
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Compatibility with all mod packs
  • Global presence with NA, EU and APAC locations


  • No dedicated servers on offer
  • Only a 24-hour money-back guarantee

With a strong focus on games server hosting, Shockbyte has been in the industry since 2013, making it one of the longest-running Minecraft hosts. The company is committed to providing high quality services at the most competitive pricing.

Shockbyte employs the latest hardware and provides features like BungeeCord, MCPC and MCPE support and a Java version switcher, making it a popular choice among gamers worldwide. It also supports all mod packs, ensuring a diverse gaming environment for all its users.

In terms of performance, Shockbyte boasts of 100% uptime, full FTP access, and a low latency network, courtesy of powerful CPUs and DDR4 RAM. Their servers offer unlimited NVMe SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth ensuring an unmatchable gaming experience.

The pricing structure of Shockbyte is straightforward with plans starting as low as $2.50 per month, offering an affordable gateway to gaming enthusiasts. The different tiered plans, all named after Minecraft materials like Dirt, Sand, Cobblestone, etc., cater to varying server size requirements, going from 8 to 90+ slots.

Despite its impressive offerings, Shockbyte does come with a few limitations. It doesn’t offer dedicated servers, and only provides a 24-hour money-back guarantee. But with 24/7 live chat support in place, existing customers have round-the-clock assistance.

Shockbyte also provides superb Arma 3 game servers hosting with great performance and quality. All their impressive features collectively make Shockbyte a robust and reliable choice for gamers around the world.

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3. ScalaCube

Editor Rating


  • Unlimited Player Slots and Full FTP Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Automated Backups and DDoS Protection
  • Starting $46/month for 50 slots
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  • Intuitive control panel with easy modpack installers
  • Very good servers for Minecraft that are stable
  • Flexible plans and pricing
  • Extensive application support


  • Slow Support Times
  • Some advanced features may be overwhelming for beginners

ScalaCube is a top-notch provider for fast, reliable, and cheap Arma 3 server hosting. They have streamlined their services for both casual players and hardcore gamers, offering seamless gameplay through their powerful server hardware and impressive add-ons.

With ScalaCube’s one-click installation, you can roll out over a thousand unique Minecraft modpacks and Arma 3 server mods instantly. And if you’re worried about performance with high player traffic, you can upgrade your server’s RAM anytime.

On the safety front, ScalaCube ensures your server is well protected with DDoS protection and automated backups. No need to worry about trolls, hackers or even unintended mishaps, as the system continuously monitors threats and takes immediate actions when necessary.

ScalaCube’s servers are hosted with Linux Ubuntu 18.04, offering unparalleled stability and customizability. Clients have full FTP access, allowing them to edit all server files, including plugins, mods, world settings, and more with full control.

Their hosting packages offer a wide range of options, starting with free basic servers, making it an ideal choice for those starting or those on a budget. For the more resource-intensive servers, they have several packages that can cater up to 600 players efficiently.

Their customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you with queries and troubleshooting. While some users have reported slower support times, ScalaCube ensures that their clients receive informed and helpful responses.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a hosting solution with a strong balance between performance, budget, and advanced features, ScalaCube just might be what you need.

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4. GTX Gaming

Editor Rating


  • Hosting for over 100+ games including Arma 3
  • Game optimized network for low latency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full offsite game server backups
  • Starting at $10.72/month for Arma 3 Hosting
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  • Excellent performance and competitive pricing
  • Mobile-compatible control panel
  • Free game switching
  • Dedicated DDoS protection


  • Inadequate knowledge base
  • Some staff responses can be abrasive

GTX Gaming stands out as one of the oldest game server hosting companies with an exceptional commitment to performance and customer support. Their advanced, game optimized network ensures low latency, providing a seamless gaming experience.

With an extensive list of over 100 games, including Arma 3, GTX Gaming ensures that gamers have a wide variety of choices. They also prioritize being the first to host new game releases, often having servers ready on launch day. Their pricing is competitive starting at $10.72/month for Arma 3 hosting.

GTX Gaming’s 24/7 customer support ensures that customers’ issues and concerns are addressed promptly.

The company also offers a robust backup system, with daily offsite backups of your game server. Their infrastructure is updated annually to cater to evolving gaming trends, and as part of this effort, they’ve introduced a mobile-compatible control panel for easy server admin on the go.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have mentioned inadequate information in the knowledge base and instances of abrasive staff responses.

Despite these minor lapses, GTX Gaming remains a reliable choice for gamers who prioritize optimal performance, round-the-clock support, and an impressive array of games.

In conclusion, with its excellent server performance, comprehensive game options, robust backup system, and around-the-clock support, GTX Gaming remains a commendable choice for anyone looking to host game servers, including Arma 3.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional, GTX Gaming’s hosting services are worth considering for your online gaming needs.

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5. SurvivalServers

survival server
Editor Rating


  • Instant server set-up and Full FTP access
  • DDR4 memory and NVMe hard disks
  • Lag-free, low latency gaming experience
  • Supports wide range of game titles including Arma 3
  • Details not mentioned.
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  • Robust server performance
  • Friendly user interface with easy mod and plugin installation
  • Dedicated resources and in-house control panel
  • Responsive and effective customer service


  • Pricing may be higher than some competitors
  • Limited to game server hosting
  • No free trial available
  • Refund policy has a limited time window

Founded in 2012, SurvivalServers is a premier gaming server provider that has been providing high-quality services to thousands of customers worldwide. The provider’s network operates on high-performance hardware run by a custom-developed control panel, promising an enjoyable gaming experience for its users.

Offering a server set-up time that is almost instantaneous, SurvivalServers ensures that its clients can get into gaming action without delays. The platform also grants full FTP access to its users, allowing a level of customization and control over their server environment.

SurvivalServers prides itself on maintaining low latency and zero lag in its gaming servers. This feature, coupled with the usage of advanced hardware technologies such as the latest CPUs, fast DDR4 memory, and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks, ensures a highly efficient and lag-free gaming experience.

Among its supported game titles is Arma 3. SurvivalServers provides customization options for server settings and mods in Arma 3, making it a reliable choice for Arma 3 fans looking for an advanced and dedicated server.

However, while SurvivalServers excels in providing game hosting services, its focus might not be broad enough for those needing hosting for other purposes. Additionally, its hosting pricing may be higher compared to some of its competitors, and it does not offer a free trial. The refund policy also comes with a limited time window.

Nevertheless, with its dedicated resources, detailed performance reports, and personalized tweak access to server configurations, SurvivalServers remains one of the best choices for game server hosting, offering a high-quality gaming experience to its clients.

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6. ApexHosting

Editor Rating


  • One-click Modpacks Installation
  • DDoS Protection and 24/7 Support
  • Offsite Automated Backups
  • Free subdomain for every server
  • Starting at $7.49/month for first month
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  • Reasonably Priced
  • Highly reliable and user-friendly
  • Great mod support and DDoS protection
  • Excellent customer support


  • Higher renewal prices
  • Claims “unlimited player slots” but actually limits players

ApexHosting stands out for its enhanced customer-oriented features and exceptional customer support. Established in 2013, the American-owned company primarily excels at hosting Game servers, including Arma 3 servers, and provides a high level of support to its clients.

To ensure maximum convenience for the users, ApexHosting provides numerous features such as one-click modpacks installation, DDoS protection, and 24/7 support. Moreover, they maintain ultra-low latency by hosting their servers in data centers located worldwide, ensuring excellent ping and better gaming experiences for the players.

One of the noticeable features of ApexHosting is their automatic off-site backups, securing your data from potential hardware failure or misconfigurations. They also offer a free subdomain for every server, allowing effortless connection.

As for pricing, their plans start from just $7.49 for the first month and offer different levels of resources to accommodate the varying needs of clients. While the basic servers begin at 2GB RAM, they provide options for up to 10GB RAM for more advanced needs. However, bear in mind that prices do increase upon renewal.

A downside is their confusing claim for “unlimited player slots”, in reality, players seem to be limited. Nevertheless, considering their extensive feature set and excellent customer support, ApexHosting remains a popular choice for many, especially for hosting game servers like Arma 3 servers.

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7. HostHavoc

Editor Rating


  • High-performance hosting services for less
  • Exceptional understanding and passion for game hosting
  • 24/7 support with average ticket response time of <10 minutes
  • Advanced features like NVMe SSD storage and ultra-fast processors
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • Real gamer owned company
  • Instant setup with automatic provisioning
  • Supports all modpacks
  • Full FTP access and web-based file management


  • Problems with supporting more than 10 slots for Rust servers

HostHavoc prides itself on being a cost-friendly solution providing high-performance hosting services. With their gaming background, they possess a deep understanding of game server operations, including Arma 3 server hosting and exceeding users’ expectations.

Founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, HostHavoc ensures an impressive availability rate of 99.9% or higher. Their hosting systems use NVMe SSDs, which are seven times faster than traditional SSDs, resulting in significantly reduced loading times. Coupled with the latest Ryzen and Xeon E-series CPUs with speeds of up to 4.6GHz, the game server performance is unmatched.

In terms of support, HostHavoc provides 24/7 support with an average ticket response time of less than 10 minutes. If you’re not happy with your service, they offer a full refund within 72 hours of initial signup, no questions asked.

Their web hosting plan starts at $2.99 per month and includes features like cPanel Control Panel, ultra-fast page loading, and Cloudflare DDoS Protection. For those requiring more substantial processing power, their Ryzen VPS starts at $10.00 per month, offering up to 4.9GHz Boost Speeds and pure NVMe SDD storage.

Despite a minor hiccup in supporting more than 10 slots for Rust servers, HostHavoc remains an excellent choice for anyone looking for a robust, game-centric hosting solution.

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8. Low.ms

Editor Rating


  • Low latency game server hosting
  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • NVME Powered and Fast CPUs
  • 24/7 Support & 99.9% Uptime
  • Starting at £60/month
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  • Excellent performance
  • Wide range of game servers, including Arma 3
  • High-quality hardware
  • Responsive and effective support


  • Higher pricing range
  • Possible risk of server wiping

Low.ms is a global provider of low latency game server hosting, offering over 50 different game servers across the globe, including Arma 3. Their focus on low pings, advanced hardware, and unmatched customer service ensures a high-quality gaming experience.

The hosting provider guarantees an instant setup after receiving your payment, getting your server up and running within minutes. They use the latest Intel processors in combination with DDR4 memory and Intel SSDs to ensure optimal performance.

Low.ms exclusively uses high-speed CPUs with the highest benchmarks for hosting game servers. This includes the latest i9s, Ryzens, and Xeon E-series CPUs with speeds of up to 5.3GHz. Such power allows for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

For those concerned about security, all their servers have at least 10Gbps DDoS protection, ensuring minimal interruptions. Some locations utilize Corero SmartWall, offering the ultimate game server protection.

Low.ms also promises 24/7 support and an impressive 99.9% uptime. The provider ensures that top-quality service is met by employing the best server hardware and providing a full refund within the first 5 days of your order if you’re unhappy.

Their vast range of hosting options, like the i9 13900K typically used for game server hosting as of 2022, supports more players than rival servers with no drop in performance.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Some reviews point out a few drawbacks, like server wiping issues. Nonetheless, these experiences seem to be exceptions rather than the norm.

Despite these incidents, customer reviews praise the company’s rapid and competent support and their streamlined server setup, highlighting how Low.ms surpasses competitors in response time and accuracy.

Whether you’re looking for a high-performance Arma 3 server or any other popular game server, Low.ms may be worth considering. Also, it’s worth noting that they offer different plans to tailor to varying budget ranges and server needs.

Apart from their engaging attributes, Low.ms has proven to be a top-notch gaming server provider, driven by a commitment to offer an unrivalled gaming experience.

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9. PingPerfect

Editor Rating


  • Supports over 200 game servers including Arma 3
  • Provides free web hosting with game servers
  • Incorporates advanced Xeon processors and at least 32GB RAM for optimum game performance
  • Technical support available via Skype, Xfire, and Steam
  • Starting at $0.43/month
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  • Caters to gamers of all experience levels
  • Dedicated and helpful customer service
  • Instant server setup post-purchase
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee


  • Occasional issues with server access and billing
  • Some users have reported unresolved server issues

PingPerfect is a premium provider of game servers, offering high-speed and high-performance hosting for a variety of popular games, including Arma 3. The company prides itself on superior customer service and its team’s commitment to keeping their servers at the top of their game.

The key to PingPerfect’s success lies in its advanced technology. With a minimum of 32GB RAM and the latest Xeon processors, their game servers ensure maximum performance and latency, which are critical for seamless gaming.

The company utilizes a network designed for corporate clients and mission-critical data delivery, allowing it to handle bandwidth that many other providers dream of. Plus, their game panel offers easy configuration and advanced features for more experienced users and allows you to share control with your clan or friends.

PingPerfect’s customer support is fast and dedicated, with responses to support tickets generally provided within 30 minutes. They’re also contactable via Skype, Xfire, and Steam for added convenience.

With its affordable pricing and a 24-hour money-back guarantee, PingPerfect is indeed a reliable choice for your Arma 3 game hosting needs. And if that doesn’t convince you, they even offer a free 48-hour trial so you can see for yourself whether their servers live up to their name.

However, despite its many pros, few users have reported occasional issues with server access and billing, which could be a stumbling block for some.

In summary, PingPerfect offers a comprehensive game hosting service that’s easy to use, backed by impressive technology and dedicated support. It’s one to consider, especially if you’re looking for Arma 3 hosting solutions.

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What is Arma 3 server hosting?

Arma 3 server hosting provides a dedicated environment for players to experience the expansive worlds of Arma 3. A reliable server ensures smooth, immersive gameplay without interruptions.

Which hosting provider is recommended based on the article’s research?

BisectHosting is highlighted as the best Arma 3 Server Hosting based on the research. It offers features like automatic modpack installation, 20 server locations worldwide, and plans starting at $2.99/month.

What are some features to look for in a good Arma 3 server hosting provider?

Essential features include support for multiple games, automatic modpack installation, worldwide server locations for low latency, DDoS protection, NVMe SSDs for faster performance, and responsive customer support.

How does BisectHosting stand out from other providers?

BisectHosting offers an easy modding experience, pre-installed servers, automatic installation for over 2,000 Minecraft mods, a customizable control panel, and exceptional customer support with average response times under 15 minutes.

Are there other notable Arma 3 server hosting providers mentioned?

Yes, other providers include ShockByte, ScalaCube, GTX Gaming, SurvivalServers, ApexHosting, HostHavoc, Low.ms, and PingPerfect. Each has its unique features and offerings.

What is the importance of server location in game hosting?

Server location is crucial for ensuring low latency. A strategically located server ensures that gamers experience minimal lag, providing a smoother gaming experience.

How does pricing vary among these hosting providers?

Pricing varies based on the features and resources offered. For instance, BisectHosting plans start at $2.99/month, while GTX Gaming offers Arma 3 hosting starting at $10.72/month.

What is the significance of DDoS protection in game hosting?

DDoS protection is essential to safeguard the server from malicious attacks that can disrupt gameplay. A server with DDoS protection ensures that players can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions.

How do hosting providers support modding for Arma 3?

Many providers offer features like one-click modpack installation, allowing players to easily integrate and experience various mods in Arma 3.

Are there any trial or refund policies offered by these hosting providers?

Yes, many providers offer money-back guarantees or trial periods. For example, BisectHosting features a 3-day money-back guarantee, while PingPerfect offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee and a free 48-hour trial.


Arma 3 servers can be hosted in different servers and VPS but the recommended and dedicated providers are BisectHosting, Shockyte and Scalacube.

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