5 Best 7 Days to Die Server Hosting 2024

I’ve picked the best 7 Days to Die server hosts based on how well they run, their good equipment, and fair prices. This way, you and your friends can play smoothly without any issues.

7 Days to Die is a thrilling survival horror video game set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies. It uniquely combines elements of first-person shooters, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. In this game, players find themselves in a relentless, open-world environment where each day brings new challenges.

The Top 5 Best 7 Days to Die Server Hosting

1. Shockbyte

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  • 24/7 worldwide support
  • Multiple server location options
  • Supports all game mod packs
  • 100% uptime guaranteed
  • Starting at $2.50/month
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  • Customized game server hosting with full FTP access
  • Supports ‘7 Days to Die’ server hosting
  • Comprehensive DDoS protection
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD storage


  • Doesn’t offer dedicated servers
  • Only a 24-hour money-back guarantee

Shockbyte, one of the pioneer game server providers, operates out of Australia and has been excelling in its domain since March 2013. Focused on delivering top-notch services at the most affordable rates, they have not only successfully hosted Minecraft servers for years but also actively support 7 Days to Die server hosting.

Shockbyte guarantees a seamless user experience alongside 100% uptime. Leveraging the best available hardware and seasoned professionals spread across the globe, they ensure that all players enjoy low latency gaming without any limitations on slots.

The company champions full FTP access, supports all mod packs, protects against DDoS attacks, and provides unlimited NVMe SSD storage. The impressive array of features ensures that the players have the flexibility and security they need for an immersive gaming experience.

Shockbyte offers versatile plans starting from as low as $2.50 per month to cater to different gaming requirements. Whether you are a beginner looking for a cost-effective solution or a professional gamer in need of high-performance servers, Shockbyte has got you covered.

The only limitations seem to be the lack of dedicated servers and a short 24-hour money-back guarantee period. However, their notable uptime and customer support system compensate well for these drawbacks.

In conclusion, Shockbyte stands as a noteworthy option for gamers seeking reliable and efficient game server hosting solutions. Their commitment to quality service, broad range of features, and affordable pricing cater well to the needs of the ever-expanding gaming community.

2. GTX Gaming

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  • Game Optimized Network for low latency
  • First to host all games with a list of more than 100 games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full offsite game server backups
  • Upgraded hardware every year
  • Hosting for ‘7 Days to Die’ starting at $10.10/month
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  • Covers all geographic regions
  • DDoS protection for game servers
  • Mobile compatible control panel


  • Inadequate knowledge base
  • Some reports of unprofessional customer service

GTX Gaming stands out as one of the oldest and most trusted game server hosting companies. With over fourteen years in the industry, their experience is extensive and their expertise credible. They host more than 100 games, including Seven Days to Die, for which the hosting starts at $10.10 per month.

The company offers a game-optimized network specially designed for low latency, facilitating a smooth gaming experience. Leveraging multiple 10GB fibres, they ensure your server benefits from the lowest ping possible.

GTX Gaming offers a full suite of support services, including 24/7 customer support via tickets, Discord, and a mobile-compatible control panel. Plus, they’re consistently first to host new game servers often ahead of the game’s release date.

They take data security seriously, offering full offsite game server backups every day. Moreover, to counter potential cyber threats, they also provide cutting edge DDoS protective services.

Despite some reports of unprofessional customer service, the majority of users seem satisfied with their high-quality gaming hosting services. GTX Gaming continually updates its hardware to meet the demands of modern gaming, providing excellent performance and reliability.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional game server host, GTX Gaming offers comprehensive and competitive solutions for all your gaming needs. Their global coverage paired with game-optimized network architecture makes them an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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3. HostHavoc

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  • 24/7/365 support with <10 minutes average response time
  • Instant setup and NVMe SSD storage
  • Compatible with all modpacks (Vanilla, ATLauncher, FTB, Technic etc.)
  • Full FTP access and web-based file manager
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • High-level performance with ultra-fast processors
  • Offers real person support 24/7
  • Excellent 99.9% uptime guarantee


  • Rust server infrastructure limited to 10 slots
  • Some performance hiccups at peak times

Backed by an experienced and passionate team of gamers, HostHavoc is a Canadian hosting service known for its high-performance yet affordable hosting solutions. Its superb infrastructure uses NVMe SSDs that are seven times faster than traditional SSDs, resulting in significantly reduced loading times.

Offering 99.9% uptime, HostHavoc ensures the outstanding performance of your site. It offers 24/7 support with an average response time of under 10 minutes so that you’re never left in a lurch.

The host offers instant setup post order placement so your site will be online and available for use within minutes of your purchase. Its hosting network is built on the latest Ryzen and Xeon E-series CPUs for unmatched performance.

HostHavoc, with a starting price as low as $2.99 per month, offers a cost-friendly solution without compromising quality or performance. In addition to regular web hosting, they offer Ryzen VPS and dedicated hosting packages as per your requirements.

HostHavoc supports all available modpacks and provides full FTP access along with a web-based file manager. They offer 7 days to die server hosting along with support for numerous other games.

One potential con users should be aware of is that the infrastructure for Rust servers doesn’t support more than 10 slots. However, overall, HostHavoc is a reliable, flexible, and performance-oriented hosting provider ideal for businesses and individual needs alike.

4. Survival Servers

survival server
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  • High performance servers for gaming
  • Custom in-house control panel
  • Full FTP and database access
  • Zero lag, low latency operation
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
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  • Dedicated resources for reliable performance
  • Wide selection of supported game titles
  • Instant server setup and location switching
  • User-friendly control panel


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Focused on game server hosting, may lack features for other hosting needs
  • No free trial period
  • Limited refund policy

Established in 2012, Survival Servers has been delivering high-performance hosting services for game servers, earning the trust of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The company boasts a robust infrastructure powered by up-to-date hardware and a proprietary control panel.

Recognized as an industry leader for 7 Days to Die servers and many other game titles, Survival Servers ensures a smooth gaming experience by offering features like full FTP access, automated server restarts, DDoS protection, and quick server setup. Their servers also support easy mod and server settings customization, allowing users to tailor their gaming experience to their liking.

It is also known for hosting servers for games like Palworld which is another survival game.

The high-performance servers equipped with the latest CPUs, super-fast DDR4 memory, and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks deliver zero lag and low latency, a crucial aspect for any gamer. Multiple geographic locations allow users to switch server locations at any time with ease.

While pricing may be slightly higher compared to some competitors, the unparalleled performance, dedicated resources, and excellent customer support justify the cost. However, prospective customers should note that there’s no free trial available, and the refund policy has a limited window.

In summary, Survival Servers is ideal for those in search of dependable game servers that deliver consistent high performance, customizable features, and robust control over the gaming environment. Despite a relatively higher pricing structure and focus on specific hosting needs, it has carved out a niche for itself in the crowded hosting market.

5. Low.ms

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  • Low latency game server hosting
  • Fast setup time
  • High-quality hardware
  • Built-in DDOS protection
  • Starting at $10/month
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  • High-performance Intel and Ryzen processors
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Quality guarantee with 5-day refund policy


  • Higher pricing for advanced hosting plans
  • Reported incidents of server wipes and downtime

Low.ms stands out as a reliable provider of low latency game server hosting, particularly for the game “7 Days to Die”. Their cutting-edge hardware offers raw processing power along with rapid setup times, thus enabling an optimized gaming experience.

They make use of both Intel i9s and Ryzen processors boasting frequencies of up to 5.3 GHz, teamed with DDR4 memory and Intel SSDs. In addition, all servers boast at least a 10 Gbps DDOS protection, ensuring minimal disruptions during gameplay.

The company also prides itself on 24/7 availability, boasting a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Their round-the-clock customer support is reportedly prompt and helpful.

Hosting plans range from £60 to £240 per month, catering to different server sizes and demand. Despite reported incidents of server downtime and data loss, their 5-day full refund policy provides a safety net for dissatisfied customers, reinforcing Low.ms’s commitment to quality.

Overall, Low.ms may be an excellent fit for “7 Days to Die” server hosting, given its high-quality hardware, robust customer support, and extensive features. While it may have had a few hiccups, its reputation in the game server hosting industry and satisfactory customer feedback makes it a worthy contender.

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What is 7 Days to Die server hosting?

7 Days to Die server hosting is a service that allows players to run their own dedicated server for the game 7 Days to Die. This provides a private and customizable gaming environment for you and your friends.

Why should I consider a hosted server for 7 Days to Die?

Hosting your own server gives you full control over the game settings, mods, and who can join. It ensures a more stable and lag-free experience compared to joining public servers.

Can I install mods on my 7 Days to Die server?

Yes, most server hosting services allow you to install mods. This lets you customize your gameplay experience with new features, items, and game mechanics.

How much does it cost to host a 7 Days to Die server?

The cost varies depending on the hosting provider, server size, and additional features. Prices can range from a few dollars to over twenty dollars per month.

How do I set up a 7 Days to Die server?

Once you’ve chosen a hosting provider, you’ll typically use their control panel to configure your server settings. This includes setting the game mode, difficulty, and other options.

Is technical knowledge required to host a server?

Basic technical knowledge is helpful but not necessary. Most hosting providers offer user-friendly control panels and customer support to assist you.

Can I change the game settings after the server is up and running?

Yes, you can modify game settings through the server’s control panel at any time.

How do I backup my server data?

Many hosting services include backup tools in their control panels, allowing you to easily backup and restore your server data.


In conclusion, while there are several options available for hosting a “7 Days to Die” server, Shockbyte stands out as a highly recommended provider.

Known for its reliability, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, Shockbyte offers a user-friendly experience that is ideal for both beginners and experienced server administrators. Their servers are optimized for performance, ensuring a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

Additionally, Shockbyte provides easy mod installation, customizable settings, and robust security features. With their proven track record in server hosting, choosing Shockbyte for your “7 Days to Die” server hosting needs is a decision that promises a high-quality and enjoyable gaming experience.

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