How to Update Your Palworld Server 2024

This is a tutorial step by step on how to update your Palword server and fix different problems with server updates.

  1. Go to the Control Panel:
    • First, log into the control panel of your server.
    • Choose the Palworld server you want to update.
  2. Stop and Backup Your Server:
    • Stop your server. This is important to avoid any problems.
    • Use the backup feature to save your current server settings and data. This is a safety step in case something goes wrong during the update.
  3. Start the Update:
    • In your control panel, find and click on the Steam update icon.
    • This will begin the update. It downloads and installs the latest version of Palworld for your server, including new features and security updates.
  4. Restart Your Server:
    • After the update is done, restart your server.
    • Restarting makes sure the new updates are in place and your server is ready to go.

That’s it! Your Palworld server should now be up-to-date. This means players can enjoy the newest features and improvements in the game.

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Fixing Palworld Server Update Issues

  1. Understanding the Issue:
    • Since the early access release of Palworld, many server owners have reported losing player progress when updating their servers.
    • The Shockbyte team is investigating and has proposed a solution based on how you updated your server.
  2. Restoring the PalWorldSettings.ini File:
    • Without a backup, you cannot restore the PalWorldSettings.ini file. Since January 20th, 2024, SteamCMD flags set by Palworld’s developers will delete this file during updates.
    • If you have a backup, replace this file to fix the issue.
  3. Stop Your Server:
    • Always stop your server before making any changes.
    • It’s recommended to back up your server first. If you’re using dedicated servers like Shockbyte, use the Backups tab for instant backup.
  4. Check Your Server Data:
    • Go to the folder /Pal/Saved/SaveGames on your server.
    • Look for a folder named ‘0’ or other folders, and reach out to Shockbyte Support if you find anything unusual.
    • Inside /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0, note the random string in the folder name, as this is the server version ID.
  5. Restoring Save Data Reference:
    • Open the file /Pal/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/GameUserSettings.ini.
    • Change the DedicatedServerName entry to the server version ID noted earlier.
    • After editing, restart your server to see if the issue is resolved.
  6. If Problems Persist:
    • Stop your server.
    • Edit the GameUserSettings.ini file, removing the map ID so it reads DedicatedServerName=.
    • Restart your server, create a new character, and join the server.
    • Stop the server again, restore the map ID in GameUserSettings.ini, and restart.
    • This workaround, identified by a Reddit user, has helped many players.
  7. Feedback and Corrections:
    • Nodecraft acknowledges that with Palworld being an early access game, some details in their guidance might be inaccurate or change over time.
    • They welcome feedback and corrections from users to improve their advice and support.

Remember, keeping regular backups of your server is key to preventing data loss during updates or troubleshooting issues.

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