10 Best Ark Server Hosting Providers 2024

It seems like you’re looking for Ark Server Hosting, and you’ve come to the right place. We have listed the best providers here, compared based on pricing, features, and performance.

The Top 10 Best Ark Server Providers

1. Bisect Hosting

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  • Hosting 28+ top online games
  • Pre-installation for 2,000+ Minecraft modpacks
  • Full file access and intuitive custom control panel
  • Low latency hosting with over 20 server locations around the globe
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • Excellent game coverage including Minecraft and ARK
  • Automated modpack installations
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Acceptable latency worldwide


  • Slow panel response
  • Only three days money-back guarantee

Bisect Hosting is the best ARK server provider during our tests. Known for delivering reliable server performance since 2011, Bisect Hosting comes with automated modpack installation and full file access eliminating the pain and hassle of game server hosting.

The company takes pride in ensuring low latency with hosting centers across the globe, along with DDoS protection to maintain your game uptime.

It’s also worth noting the free dedicated server IP for premium users, is quite the centerpiece for Minecraft server hosting.

Plans at Bisect Hosting start at a reasonable $2.99/month, with different tiers providing varying levels of RAM. The company offers various pre-installed servers and has in-depth video documentation to assist users in their server setup and maintenance.

Customer support is available around the clock. While Bisect Hosting’s control panel can sometimes be slow, it’s both customizable and intuitive, allowing you to tailor your server settings seamlessly.

Considering its superb coverage and infrastructure dedicated to gaming servers, especially Minecraft and ARK, Bisect Hosting has the edge in this specific area of server hosting.

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The plan’s affordability and outstanding customer support reinforce its position as a top-notch server hosting solution.

2. SparkedHost

sparked hosting
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  • Revolutionary Apollo Panel for easier server management
  • Industry-leading hardware
  • 24/7 readily available support
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Starting at $1.00/month
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  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Instant setup
  • Multiple server locations
  • Enterprise-grade hardware


  • Issues with server mod packs
  • Support responses can be vague or unresponsive

SparkedHost is a strong contender when it comes to game server hosting. They have a reputation for delivering excellent hardware performance and have been praised for their revolutionary Apollo Panel, which simplifies the process of managing a game server.

The company uses enterprise hardware to ensure optimal performance. Likewise, its services are budget-friendly, with prices starting only from $1.00 per month.

SparkedHost also offers an incredible variety of game servers, including Ark Hosting, Rust, Unturned, Valheim, Terraria and many more with pricing starting from $2.00 per month. This diversity enables gamers to choose the hosting for their preferred game easily.

SparkedHost offers an instant setup right after the payment is received. Users with varying needs and locations can utilize multiple servers around the world for the best performance. To ensure the security of its customers, all products come with free DDoS protection.

However, they have received some criticism for their customer support, with reviews pointing out that responses can sometimes be vague or unresponsive. There have also been reports about issues with server mod packs, so potential customers may need to keep this in mind.

Despite the noted cons, SparkedHost remains a reliable choice for affordable and feature-rich game server hosting with a special emphasis on providing the best Ark Server Hosting. Its services are particularly attractive to those on a strict budget.

3. Shockbyte

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  • Optimized for both Minecraft and Ark server hosting
  • Supports all mods packs and offers custom JAR support
  • Offers complete FTP access and task scheduling
  • 24/7 customer support and 72-hour money back guarantee
  • Starting at $2.50/month
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  • Top-notch hardware for optimum performance
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD storage and bandwidth
  • Supports ARK server hosting
  • Extensive range of hosting plans


  • Doesn’t offer dedicated servers
  • Only a 24-hour money back guarantee

For gaming enthusiasts, performance is key. That’s why Shockbyte uses top-of-the-line hardware to provide the highest-quality game servers. With servers distributed worldwide, they provide smooth and uninterrupted gameplay, pleasing even the most intensive players.

They are primarily renowned for Minecraft server hosting, but they also offer Ark server hosting, accommodating a wider base of gamers since ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the top survival games in the market.

Shockbyte facilitates complete control over your server with full FTP access. This means that you can directly manage your files and execute commands on the server. They also support popular mod packs and custom JARs, enhancing the gaming experience.

The company provides a variety of server hosting options catering to the needs and budgets of different users. Their plans start from as low as $2.50 per month, making it an affordable choice for hosting game servers.

Regrettably, Shockbyte doesn’t currently offer dedicated servers. But on the brighter side, its plethora of features, quality service, and affordable pricing largely outweigh this drawback, making Shockbyte an excellent choice for hosting game servers.

Players across the globe appreciate Shockbyte for its reliability and performance. From Minecraft to Ark: Survival Evolved, Shockbyte provides a seamless gaming experience that won’t leave you disappointed.

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4. ScalaCube

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  • Fastest and cheap Minecraft server hosting
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Full FTP Access and extensive applications
  • Full Mod & Plugin Support and DDoS Protection
  • Starting at $2/month
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  • One-click installation with 1,000+ unique modpacks
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free subdomain and automated backups
  • Ultra-low Minecraft online server latency


  • Slow Support Times

ScalaCube boasts its cheap yet fastest and most reliable Minecraft server hosting available. Designed with the gaming community in mind, it offers a seamless experience with its one-click installation of 1,000+ unique modpacks.

With no limit on player slots, you can expand your community without the worry of server restrictions. ScalaCube provides full FTP access for enhanced customizability, offering a comprehensive platform for managing your Minecraft server.

In a constant effort to enrich the gaming experience, ScalaCube supports various mods and plugins with one-click installations. Additionally, DDoS protection ensures your server is secure against online threats.

Your online gaming experience also receives an upgrade with Scalcube because of its ultra-low Minecraft server latency. With servers positioned across the world, you can expect fast and lag-free gameplay no matter your location.

As for pricing, ScalaCube offers various packages to cater to the needs of different gamers. With prices starting from as low as $2 per month, ScalaCube provides an affordable platform for both casual gamers and server owners.

The variety of plans offered by ScalaCube also caters to servers of different sizes. With plans ranging from 6 GB of RAM to a whopping 32 GB of RAM, ScalaCube caters to Minecraft communities of all sizes.

Beyond Minecraft, ScalaCube also provides reliable server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved, thus catering to a broader gaming community.

With an emphasis on performance, reliability, and affordability, ScalaCube continues to be a top choice for gamers seeking comprehensive server hosting solutions.

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5. GTX Gaming

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  • First game hosting provider for all new games
  • Optimized network for gaming with low latency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Offsite game server backups
  • ARK: Survival Evolved starting at $12.06/month
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  • Competitive pricing
  • Game optimized network
  • Broad regional coverage
  • Mobile compatible control panel


  • Some support staff can be seen as abrasive and impatient
  • Limited knowledgebase

GTX Gaming holds a reputable position in the realm of game server hosting, having a history that spans over fourteen years. Their technology and services have been crafted with the ultimate gaming experience in mind.

One of the core strengths of GTX Gaming is its game-optimized network. Engineered for low latency gaming, it utilizes a series of 10GB fibers to ensure low pings and smooth in-game experiences.

For those seeking server hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved, GTX Gaming offers competitive pricing starting at $12.06 per month. What’s more impressive is their commitment to being the first to host all new games, with their dedicated team working tirelessly before the launch date to have servers ready.

In terms of customer support, GTX Gaming provides 24/7 help. Users can open a ticket for swift responses, or even join the GTX Gaming Discord community for help and information. Full offsite game server backups are also made every day, illustrating GTX Gaming’s commitment to data safety.

That said, their knowledge base might not be as comprehensive as some competitors, and some users have reported abrasive interactions with the senior techs on their support staff.

With hardware updated every year, DDoS-protected game servers, a mobile-compatible control panel, and worldwide support, GTX Gaming is a top choice for those seeking a game server host with optimized performance and user-friendliness.

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6. Survival Servers

survival server
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  • Specializes in game server hosting
  • Custom in-house control panel
  • Hosting with low latency and zero lag
  • Latest CPUs and super fast DDR4 memory
  • Contact for custom pricing
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  • Wide range of supported game titles
  • High-performance servers
  • Customizable server settings and mods
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Focused on game server hosting, may lack features for other hosting needs
  • No free trial period
  • Limited refund policy

Founded in 2012, Survival Servers has established itself as a leading provider of game server hosting, serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. They specialize in high-performance ARK server hosting, providing a seamless and lag-free gaming experience for users.

With a server setup that is instant and customizable, Survival Servers employs high-tech hardware, superfast DDR4 memory, and the latest CPUs for optimal performance. They also offer a custom in-house control panel, making server management a breeze.

Survival Servers also prioritizes user convenience with features like full FTP access, automated server restarts, and up-to-date game & mod versions. These features, coupled with their responsive customer support, ensure a smooth and hassle-free hosting experience.

While they offer a wide selection of supported game titles and customization options for server settings and mods, Survival Servers has a specific focus on game server hosting. It is important to note that their services may lack some features necessary for other hosting needs.

When it comes to pricing, Survival Servers does not provide a fixed package, offering instead custom pricing based on users’ specific requirements. Although their pricing may be higher compared to some competitors, the superior quality of service and dedicated resources make it a worthwhile investment for serious gamers.

Overall, with their dedication to providing high-performing game server hosting and their continued commitment to customer satisfaction, Survival Servers remains a top choice in its category.

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7. ApexHosting

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  • Ark Server Hosting
  • Automated backups and DDoS protection
  • Easy one-click modpacks installation
  • 24/7 customer support and server monitoring
  • Starting at $9.99/month (After 1st month discount)
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  • Fast and reliable Ark game server hosting
  • Effective DDoS protection and automated backups
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support
  • Diverse data centers result in low latency


  • Higher pricing compared to competitors
  • “Unlimited player slots” is actually limited

ApexHosting is a well-respected hosting provider known for its reliable game server hosting services. It was established in 2013 with the primary goal of providing exceptional customer support to its clients.

The company offers top-tier Ark server hosting. With a user-friendly interface and one-click modpacks installation, both experienced admins and beginners can seamlessly manage their game servers.

Apex is also know for offering

Understanding the importance of stability and security in game server hosting, ApexHosting provides automated backups and DDoS protection. This ensures your data is secure and your server remains online with 24/7 uptime, giving players an unhampered gaming experience.

ApexHosting features an ultra low-latency network with multiple data centers across the world. This means there’s a nearby location for every customer resulting in great ping for players.

When it comes to pricing, ApexHosting provides various plans tailored to diverse client needs. Rates start at $9.99 per month after a first-month discount, offering solutions for basic servers and modpacks. The pricing scales up according to the resources and features included in the plan.

Being more expensive than some competitors is a minor setback for some users. Also, while ApexHosting claims to offer “unlimited player slots”, there’s actually a limit in place. However, these factors are overshadowed by the host’s excellent performance and superior customer support.

With outstanding customer support and high-performing servers, ApexHosting is indeed a top choice for game server hosting. It’s a solid, reliable solution for anyone looking to start or maintain an Ark server.

8. HostHavoc

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  • Specializes in Ark server hosting
  • Works with all available modpacks
  • Full FTP access and web-based file manager
  • 24/7 real person support with guaranteed 15 min response time
  • Starting at $2.99/month

Founded in 2013, HostHavoc prides itself on delivering high-performance hosting services at cost-friendly prices. Its passion for gaming translates into a deep understanding of server platforms and operations.

HostHavoc specializes in Ark server hosting, integrating with all available modpacks and offering full FTP access for self-management purposes. They assure fast and reliable services, backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and the industry’s best datacenters.

They house an experienced team spanning across the globe that delivers swift support service, responding to support requests in less than 10 minutes on average. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by their 72-hour full refund policy.

Despite hosting servers built on ultra-fast Ryzen and Xeon E-series CPUs, some users have raised concerns about supporting additional slots for Rust servers. Yet, this minor setback doesn’t overshadow the many benefits HostHavoc provides which render it a go-to choice for many webmasters.

HostHavoc’s impressive selection of shared hosting, Ryzen VPS, and dedicated server plans cater to a vast array of website needs and budgets. Coinciding with their broad market scope, their pricing starts at a mere $2.99 per month, offering an affordable hosting solution to a diverse audience.

With proven performance and affordable pricing, HostHavoc stands as a formidable choice for hosting solutions, particularly if your focus is on gaming and Ark server hosting.

9. Low.ms

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  • Professional game server hosting provider
  • Instant setup on payment confirmation
  • State-of-the-art NVMe powered system
  • 24/7 customer support and 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Prices from £60/month depending on server selection
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  • Excellent customer reviews for speed and support
  • Multiple server options for different needs
  • Full refund offered within the first 5 days of service
  • Specialized in hosting for ARK server


  • Experience of server wipe from unscheduled updates
  • Can be pricey depending on the chosen server

Low.ms is a game hosting provider renowned for its superior performance, low latency, and elite customer service. Their instant setup technology allows you to kick-start your gaming experience within minutes of your payment being received.

They employ the latest Intel processors, DDR4 memory, and Intel SSDs, ensuring your gaming server gets up to 5 GHz of raw processing power. With servers boasting speeds of up to 5.3GHz, it’s no surprise they’ve received a number of positive reviews for their speed.

Beyond hardware, Low.ms also excels in terms of support, boasting 24/7 customer service, a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, and DDOS protection for all servers. With a commitment to quality hardware and lightning-fast response times, it’s clear why many users prefer Low.ms for their game server hosting needs.

Despite some rare instances of server wipes, and potentially higher prices depending on the server, overall perceivable cons are few given the number of advantages on offer.

Their pricing, starting from £60 per month, provides solutions for both small game servers and larger, more resource-intensive ones. Different options cater to varied game hosting needs and budgets, making Low.ms a preferred choice for many game server owners.

Whether you’re launching a new game server or looking to migrate, Low.ms comes with a strong recommendation, particularly for ARK server hosting, given the multitude of positive user experiences.

10. GGServers

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  • Offers support for Java and Bedrock Edition
  • 1-Click Modpacks & Plugin Installs
  • 24/7 Live Chat & Technical Support
  • Customized Multicraft Control Panel
  • Unmetered SSD & NVMe Storage
  • Full FTP & MySQL Database Access
  • Starting at $3.00/month
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  • High-quality hardware
  • Great price for what you get
  • Servers seem stable and consistent low ping
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Unclear instructions
  • Potentially slow response time
  • May require filing out support tickets for simple queries

GGServers is a Canada-based company that strives to deliver excellent game servers at affordable prices. It believes in offering high-quality hardware alongside service transparency and superior customer support.

The company’s servers offer excellent performance and stability, with consistent low ping times. This ensures an optimal gaming experience for users. GGServers also provides a user-friendly interface that users find easy to navigate.

For Minecraft fans, GGServers includes support for both Java and Bedrock editions alongside 1-click modpack and plugin installs. This makes it easy to customize your server exactly as you desire.

In addition, GGServers also offers 24/7 live chat and technical support. Their dedicated support team is always ready to handle any issues that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime for your server.

Another notable feature of GGServers is their ambitious Ark game server hosting feature. Players can now host their servers on GGServers with ease and enjoy high-speed gaming with the top-of-the-line SSD storage.

Their hosting plans start as low as $3.00 per month, offering great value for money. Each plan is accompanied by a set of features including Anti-DDoS, Unmetered SSD, varying player slots, and more based on the plan selection.

Despite a few cons, such as potentially slow response times and the need for a support ticket for simple queries, the overall offering from GGServers demonstrates a solid commitment to providing reliable game server hosting at a competitive price.


What is Ark Server Hosting?

Ark Server Hosting refers to the service of renting or hosting game servers specifically designed for playing Ark: Survival Evolved. These servers are optimized to provide a smooth and lag-free gaming experience for players.

Why should I choose a dedicated Ark server hosting provider?

Dedicated Ark server hosting providers offer exclusive server resources, enhanced performance, and greater customization options compared to hosting the game on your own hardware or using shared hosting.

How do I choose the right Ark server hosting provider?

Consider factors such as server location, server performance, mod support, customer support quality, pricing, and the provider’s reputation within the Ark gaming community when choosing a hosting provider.

Can I install mods on my Ark server hosted by a provider?

Yes, most Ark server hosting providers support mod installation, allowing you to enhance and customize your Ark gameplay with various mods.

Do Ark server hosting providers offer server management tools?

Yes, many hosting providers offer server management tools and control panels to help you configure and manage your Ark server settings easily.

How can I transfer my existing Ark game progress to a server hosted by a provider?

You can typically transfer your existing Ark game progress by uploading your saved game files to the new server. Your hosting provider can assist you in this process.


In conclusion, selecting the right Ark Server Hosting provider is a critical decision that can significantly impact your gaming experience in the world of Ark: Survival Evolved.

By considering factors such as pricing, features, and performance, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Whether you’re seeking robust performance, extensive mod support, or budget-friendly options, the hosting providers listed here offer a range of solutions to cater to diverse gaming styles.

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