5 Best The Front Server Hosting 2024

If you are looking for The Front server hosting, you’ve come to the right article. We have compared and researched the top servers capable of hosting this game.

In The Front game, you immerse yourself in a survival-driven open-world shooter. As a rebel from the future, you’re tasked with thwarting the ascent of a despotic empire. Gather materials, engineer gadgets, construct safe havens, and combat creatures to achieve your objective.

Now you can check out the best server hosting for this game.

The Top 5 Best The Front Server Hosting

Server Hosting ProviderStarting PriceSlots
GTX Gaming£10.00/month10
Survival Servers$34.18/month40

1. GTX Gaming

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  • Game optimized network for low latency
  • First to host all new game releases
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Full offsite game server backups
  • Starting at £10.00 per 10 slots
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  • Experience of 14 years in hosting game servers
  • Hardware updated every year
  • Server coverage across all regions
  • Latest DDoS protective services


  • Inadequate knowledgebase
  • Some seniors support staff members can be abrupt

GTX Gaming offers low latency server hosting for The Front game. Being one of the oldest players, they have leveraged their experience to provide an exceptional gaming network.

Their network employs multiple 10GB fibers, ensuring the lowest possible ping. As a result, users get to enjoy a smooth multiplayer gaming experience.

One significant advantage of choosing GTX Gaming is being able to play new games as soon as they are launched. Keeping their players ahead, the company ensures to have server software ready at the time of game launches.

Their hosting plans are versatile, catering to a wide selection of games. The prices are competitive, starting as low as £10.00 per month for The Front and £6.00 for Counter-Strike 2 and Call of Duty.

Another strong suit of GTX Gaming is its 24/7 customer support. Be it through tickets or Discord, the company ensures that its users aren’t left stranded and their queries are resolved at the earliest.

The company goes a step further with its user-friendly mobile control panel, enabling you to manage your server on the go, and full offsite game server backups, ensuring you never lose your progress.

While their knowledge base could use some improvement, their overall service, affordable pricing, top-tier hardware, and broad geographical coverage make GTX Gaming an excellent choice for The Front game server hosting.

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2. BisectHosting

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  • Custom Control Panel for easy server management
  • Specialized in Minecraft server hosting
  • Automated modpack installation
  • BisectHosting support guarantees an average reply time of under 15 minutes
  • Starting at $15/month for 8GB RAM
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  • Efficient and prompt customer support
  • Low latency worldwide server hosting
  • Automatic modpack installation
  • DDOS Protection for all servers


  • The control panel can be slow to respond

BisectHosting is the best The Front Game server hosting. They have been providing game server hosting services since 2011 and support hosting for over 28+ games.

BisectHosting takes the hassle out of setup by offering automatic modpack installation and full file access. They offer a wide selection of games like Minecraft servers, allowing users to enjoy their gaming experience without concern for compatibility.

When it comes to performance, BisectHosting does not hold back, employing NVMe Solid State Drives for reducing I/O and server response time. All game servers are guaranteed DDoS protection to avoid any potential hardware failures or intentional disruptions.

BisectHosting offers server hosting at 20 different global locations to ensure low latency for all its users, no matter where they are situated.

One of the main selling points of BisectHosting is the level of support it offers. With a response time of under 15 minutes for support tickets, you can always count on them to resolve issues timely and get your server up and running.

With regards to pricing, BisectHosting offers a wide range of plans starting at $2.99/month up to $11.96/month, catering to different server needs and budgets. These plans include additional perks such as a free dedicated server IP and backups for almost three years.

In conclusion, BisectHosting’s commitment to customer support, advanced features, and competitive pricing makes it a strong competitor in the realm of game server hosting.

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4. Survival Servers

survival server
Editor Rating


  • High-performance game server hosting
  • DDoS Protection & automated server restarts
  • User-friendly control panel with full FTP access
  • Supports a wide selection of game titles and mods
  • $34.18/month for 40 slots
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  • Dedicated resources for reliable performance
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • Customization options for server settings and mods
  • Instant server setup & location switches


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • No free trial period
  • Refund policy has a limited time window

Survival Servers is one of the first providers that offer The Front game servers. The company is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide for delivering high-performance, reliable game servers with zero lag and low latency.

With features like instant server setup and the ability to switch locations at any time, Survival Servers guarantees a smooth gaming experience. They offer full FTP and database access, automated server restarts and notifications, ensuring your games are always up-to-date.

Their network employs the latest technology including Intel/AMD CPUs, fast DDR4 memory, and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks with a (multitude) of Gigabit uplinks and connectivity. All these coupled with their DDoS protection add an extra layer of security and performance.

Survival Servers offers a wide selection of supported game titles and gives users access to customization options for server settings and mods. Their user-friendly, in-house control panel enhances the overall user experience, allowing gamers to modify server config tools and install mods easily.

Survival Servers cost $34.18 first payment plus a monthly recurring fee of $34.18 per 40 slots for hosting a The Front server game.

We also featured Survival Server as Overwatch 2 server hosting.

With dedicated resources, reliable performance, and helpful customer support, Survival Servers stands out as a robust solution for game server hosting needs.

However, it is essential to note that they may offer relatively higher pricing with no free trial period.

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5. PingPerfect

Editor Rating


  • Specialized hosting for over 200 game servers
  • Free web hosting of up to 1GB
  • Instant server setup
  • Dedicated support team available 24/7
  • Starting at $1.30/month per 1 slot
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  • Supports a wide array of popular games
  • Offers high-performance servers and robust DDOS protection
  • User-friendly control panel for seamless server management
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee


  • Experienced some server-access issues
  • Some billing disputes reported

PingPerfect is an easy-to-use game server provider with mobile application support. From hosting The Front game to over 200 game servers.

Offering high-spec hardware like Xeon processors and a minimum of 32GB RAM for hosting, PingPerfect ensures top-notch performance and latency.

Moreover, it boasts about wide bandwidth that most providers can only dream of. This corporate-level network management ensures smooth and uninterrupted gaming for users worldwide.

The company takes pride in their dedicated team of gamers, programmers, and network technicians who work tirelessly to maintain and enhance the game server’s performance.

Automatic systems are in place for instant server setup post-purchase. This provider also comes with a free web hosting facility that serves multiple purposes such as community building, gameplay stats sharing, and server promotion.

Their comprehensive support system always aims to respond to customer queries and issues in a timely manner, generally within 30 minutes. If you are unsure about choosing PingPerfect, they offer a FREE 48-hour trial to get you acquainted with the quality of their guest servers.

The provider offers a range of pricing plans starting from $1.30 per slot for The Front game hosting a month.

All things considered, PingPerfect offers a high-quality, reliable, and budget-friendly game server hosting solution that caters to gamers around the world.

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5. XGamingServer

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  • Dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage for optimal performance
  • Instant server setup post-order
  • 20% OFF on all plans with code “XProjectWar”
  • Multiple server plans with varying resources
  • Starting at $20.00/month with unlimited slots
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  • High-performance game servers
  • DDoS protection included
  • Custom game panel for easy server management
  • Automated cloud backups


  • Specific cons not mentioned on the site

XGamingServer provides dedicated game server hosting specifically for The Front with unlimited slots. They ensure an enhanced gaming experience by offering dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage. With XGamingServer, players can dive into the immersive world of The Front without any performance hitches.

Setting up a server is a breeze with XGamingServer. Once you place an order, your game server is ready within minutes. Plus, with the special discount code “XProjectWar” you can avail of a 20% discount on all plans.

Performance is a top priority for XGamingServer. They offer servers equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ 5800X CPU and DDR4 RAM, ensuring smooth gameplay. Additionally, all game servers come with DDoS protection, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions.

XGamingServer’s game panel, based on pterodactyl, is packed with features. From easy configuration to automated cloud backups, managing your game server is effortless. The panel also offers MYSQL databases, user invites, schedules, and a Mod Manager.

With global data centers located in North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia, XGamingServer ensures that players get the best ping for a seamless gaming experience, no matter where they are located.

In conclusion, XGamingServer stands out as a reliable choice for hosting The Front game server. Their commitment to performance, advanced features, and competitive pricing position them as a top contender in the game server hosting arena.


I hope you’ve found the desired server hosting for The Front game. I recommend XGaming Server, which offers competitive pricing and unlimited slots.

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