5 Best SCUM Server Hosting (Compared) 2024

Discover a range of best SCUM server hosting options, from free trials to the most affordable services.

SCUM is indeed a multiplayer game that has gained popularity among gamers. For those looking to play SCUM with friends and require a reliable game server, there are several top server providers available. Here’s a brief overview of some of them:

The Top 5 Best SCUM Server Hosting

1. GTX Gaming

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  • Game Optimized Network
  • First to Host all Games
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Full offsite Game Server Backups
  • Hardware Updated Every Year
  • Starting at $6.00/month
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  • Great performance
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free game switching
  • Custom control panels
  • Worldwide support


  • Inadequate knowledgebase
  • Some instances of unprofessional staff interaction

GTX Gaming is a respected player in the game server hosting field. This company appeals to a wide audience by offering hosting services for over 100 games, all at low latency and an affordable price point, which includes SCUM game server hosting as a feature.

One stand-out element is its ‘Game Optimized Network.’ GTX Gaming’s focus on gaming and low latency ensures your server has the lowest ping possible with enhanced redundancy, thus offering smooth game plays.

Based on the fourteen years of hosting game servers and the assertion that they always host new games first, GTX Gaming stays on top of current trends. With every passing year, they make strides in upgrading their hardware to meet the demands of modern online gaming.

Considering support, GTX Gaming promises 24-hour customer assistance and is ready to guide you through any issues that may arise. However, the knowledgebase might need a facelift with more frequent updates to be more helpful.

As for the pricing, their rates start from $6.00 for games such as ‘Counter Strike’ and go up to $18.00 for games like ‘Valheim.’ Hence, they offer a multitude of hosting solutions to cater to various budgets and game preferences.

The advanced technology, experienced team, and customer-focused services offered by GTX Gaming provide a foundation for excellent gaming experiences. Although there’s room for improvement in certain areas, GTX Gaming is undeniably a solid choice for many gaming enthusiasts looking for a reliable game server hosting solution.

2. Survival Servers

survival server
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  • Dedicated resources for reliable performance
  • Instant server setup and ability to switch locations
  • Full FTP and database access
  • Premium DDoS Protection with advanced server performance optimization
  • Varying rates based on game server specifications
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  • Wide selection of supported game titles including Scum
  • User-friendly control panel with customization options
  • Responsive customer support
  • Access to third-party tools and easy mod installation


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Focuses mainly on game server hosting
  • Does not offer a free trial
  • Refund policy has a limited time window

Survival Servers sets the standard for reliable game server hosting. With its roots dating back to 2012, it offers dedicated resources for games such as SCUM, ensuring players experience zero lag with low latency.

The technology behind Survival Servers incorporates the latest CPUs and extremely fast NVMe hard disks. The multi-gigabit uplink and connectivity ensure that your gaming experience is smooth regardless of your location.

The power lies in the hands of the users as full FTP and database access are provided. Users can instantly set up servers and switch locations at any time. Plus, the servers are always up-to-date with the latest game and mod versions.

Survival Servers boast a custom in-house control panel. This allows users to easily change mods, add admins in one click and install plugins effortlessly. The control panel also offers access to third-party tools, opening up even more possibilities for customization.

Despite the impressive capabilities, Survival Servers does come with potential drawbacks. Its pricing, while reflective of its premium services, may be on the higher side compared to other providers. Plus, its focus is primarily on game server hosting, which may limit usability for other hosting needs. Additionally, there’s no free trial offered and the refund policy has a limited window.

Regardless of the few cons, Survival Servers remains a strong choice for gamers around the world seeking a powerful, dedicated solution for their server nee

3. PingPerfect

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  • Supports over 200 different game servers
  • Free web hosting with every game server
  • Easily managed game panel
  • Full FTP and browser support
  • Starting from $13.79/month
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  • User-friendly interface, suitable for novices and professionals alike
  • Dedicated and quick customer support
  • In-house DDOS protection
  • Diverse global server locations


  • Periodic server issues reported
  • Instances of billing errors

PingPerfect is the best SCUM server hosting provider. They offer a free server hosting for SCUM for 48 hours.

Delivering a complete package, PingPerfect provides free hosting with each game server. Users can leverage this to build their gaming community, share stats, promote their game server and more. The hosting facility includes 1 GB storage, 10 GB monthly traffic, industry-leading Cpanel, and an optional sub-domain of Pingperfect.com.

The game servers from PingPerfect are designed to deliver maximum performance and low latency, offering a swift and smooth gaming experience for users worldwide. Besides, they have a network that boasts the bandwidth envied by many other providers.

Customer service is a prime focus at PingPerfect. They offer a dedicated and always-available support team ready to resolve your queries and issues. The company aims to reply to support requests within 30 minutes and keeps channels like Skype, Xfire, and Steam open for contact.

Hosting plans from PingPerfect start from as low as $13.79 a month, making it affordable for gamers. As a global provider, they have their servers in most of the world’s best data centers, extending their reach to gamers from all corners of the world.

PingPerfect provides an easy-to-use game panel, full backup system, FTP/File Browser access, game switching facility, and DDOS protection. All of these make PingPerfect a comprehensive and reliable game hosting solution for all game enthusiasts.

They offer features like SCUM Discord Bot support, an easy-to-use configuration file editor, world & config backups, and FTP access for greater control over your servers.

4. ScalaCube

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  • Remarkably fast Minecraft hosting with 1,000+ unique modpacks
  • Drupal Ubuntu 18.04 servers for unmatched stability
  • Automated backups and DDoS Protection
  • Offers hosting for the Scum game
  • Free introductory offer and Paid plans starting at $2/month
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  • Excellent Servers for Minecraft
  • Unlimited player slots
  • Full FTP access and control
  • Avid support for Mods and Plugin


  • Slow Support Response Times
  • Requires technical knowledge for full utilization

Scalacube is the cheapest SCUM server hosting provider. The company leverages the Linux Ubuntu 18.04 hosting environment to deliver unmatched customizability and stability.

With ScalaCube, you gain full FTP access, allowing you to customize plugins, mods, and world settings as per your preference. This freedom of control, coupled with support for multiple applications and game servers, highlights ScalaCube’s commitment to providing a comprehensive hosting solution.

ScalaCube offers unlimited player slots, meaning you can adjust the number of players based on your server hardware without any restrictions. If your server lags due to an increased number of players, you can instantly upgrade your RAM.

The company’s one-click installation feature allows you to load over a thousand unique modpacks onto your server. Compatibility with various modpacks like SkyFactor, StoneBlock, and many others make it an indisputable leader in modded Minecraft server hosting.

In addition to Minecraft, ScalaCube also provides server hosting for the popular survival game, SCU<. Whether engaged in single or multi-player combat, players will appreciate the low-latency and smooth performance that ScalaCube offers.

Plans start at a pocket-friendly price of $2 per month, following a free trial period. As your needs grow, you can move up their affordable tiered pricing structure, offering scalable solutions from 768 MB RAM for $2/month to massive 32 GB RAM for $96/month.

Overall, with its solid game performance, flexible pricing, and an array of features, ScalaCube stands as a top choice for gaming webmasters seeking a high-performing hosting solution.

5. Low.ms

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  • Low-latency game server hosting
  • NVME Powered and uses the fastest CPUs
  • Provides 10 Gbps DDOS protection
  • 24/7 support with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Starting at £60/month
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  • Instant setup after payment receipt
  • Quality hardware and excellent customer service
  • Useful for several popular games including Scum
  • Full refund within the first 5 days if not satisfied


  • Potential for data losses due to operator errors
  • Occasional issues with delayed updates

Low.ms is another SCUM server hosting provider known for its state-of-the-art hardware and low-latency gaming from anywhere in the world. Recognizing the importance of a smooth gaming experience, they employ superior technologies, including NVME-powered processors and the fastest CPUs on the market, like the latest Intel i9s, Ryzens, and Xeon E-series CPUs.

About Scum game servers, Low.ms delivers exceptional performance with no lag and instant setup times. This means that you can swiftly dive into your gaming experience within minutes after your payment is received.

In addition to that, Low.ms offers robust protection with at least 10 Gbps DDOS protection to minimize interruptions during your gaming sessions. They also offer a quality guarantee and a full refund within the first five days if you’re not satisfied with their service.

Their pricing options are flexible, with the entry-level plan starting at £60 per month, allowing for a range of budgetary needs. Higher-tiered plans include more advanced features such as a larger RAM and SSD space, making Low.ms a suitable choice for those looking to host larger or multiple game servers.

Despite a few challenges with data losses and delayed updates attributed to operator errors, Low.ms has managed to maintain a steady reputation for its dedication to speed, performance, and quality. The efficient customer service that operates 24/7 and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime add up to their standing in the game server hosting market.

With user-friendly control panels and a committed support team, Low.ms makes it easy to manage and troubleshoot your gaming server, making it a reliable option for hosting Scum game servers.


I hope that you have found the best choice for you. Each provider offer high performance and cheap price and with Pingperfect you can also play the game for free.

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