5 Best Myth of Empires Server Hosting

I have compared the best Myth of Empires server hosting providers for this amazing survival game.

Myth of Empires is a sandbox war game designed for multiplayer interaction, offering an expansive level of liberty. Participants are tasked with surviving, crafting, founding, and commanding forces in their journey to seize land and establish their dominion.

The Top 5 Best Myth of Empires Server Hosting

1. GTX Gaming

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  • Game optimized network for low latency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full offsite game server backups
  • Hardware updated every year
  • Starting from $6.00/month
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  • Wide variety of hosted games
  • Great performance
  • Free game switching
  • Global coverage


  • Knowledgebase is inadequate
  • Some tech support staff can be abrasive

GTX Gaming is a veteran in the gaming server hosting industry, renowned for its wide range of games, fast support response, and affordable pricing. Offering over 100 different games, they present a vast selection to the gaming community, and their hardware is updated annually to keep up with the demands of modern online gaming. Your experience with GTX Gaming will be smooth with their game optimized network, promising the lowest latency possible.

They boast an average server response time of less than 400ms, for a swift gaming experience. Server backups are made full and offsite every day, to ensure your data is secure. This trait makes them stand out among their competitors.

Offering a range of pricing options to cater to different gamers’ needs and budgets, GTX Gaming’s server game hosting plans start from just $6.00 per month, providing an affordable entry point for gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike.

For the popular game Myth of Empires, GTX Gaming offers reliable server hosting services. With GTX Gaming’s state-of-art technology, you can have a smooth, high-quality gaming experience on Myth of Empires.

Despite a mixed response to their support service and the claim of an inadequate knowledgebase, GTX Gaming’s dedication to providing a wide array of games, updated hardware, low-latency network, and full offsite backups ensure a premium gaming experience that is worth consideration.

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2. SurvivalServers

survival server
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  • Specialized in game server hosting including Myth of Empires
  • Instant server setup and switchable locations
  • Automated server restarts and up-to-date game & mod versions
  • High-performance hardware with DDoS protection
  • Pricing may vary depending on the game and requirements
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  • Wide range of supported game titles
  • Dedicated resources for reliable performance
  • Responsive and helpful customer support
  • User-friendly control panel


  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
  • Limited focus on game server hosting, may lack features for other hosting needs
  • No free trial period available
  • Refund policy has a limited time window

SurvivalServers, established in 2012, has built a solid reputation as a reliable hosting provider, specializing in game server hosting. The company prides itself on providing high-quality game hosting solutions, serving thousands of customers worldwide.

One of the key features of SurvivalServers is its instant server setup that allows you to get started with your favorite games like Myth of Empires, without any delay. This, coupled with the ability to switch server locations at any time, ensures optimal gaming performance.

The company uses high-performance hardware powered by latest CPUs, super fast DDR4 memory, and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks. It also ensures zero lag and low latency, providing a seamless gaming experience.

One of the standout features of SurvivalServers is their custom in-house control panel. It’s designed to give you full control over your server – allowing full FTP and database access, change of mods, automated server restarts, and access to a suite of third-party tools.

From a pricing perspective, SurvivalServers offers a range of options to cater to different needs and budget constraints, but this might be higher compared to some competitors due to their specialized features and the dedicated resources they provide.

While they have a narrow focus on game server hosting, with very little for other hosting needs, its dedicated resources, wide selection of supported game titles and customization options make SurvivalServers an attractive choice for avid gamers seeking a robust and reliable hosting solution.

No free trial is available and the refund policy is restricted to a limited time window. However, responsive and helpful customer support, along with their relentless commitment to providing a high-performance gaming experience, makes SurvivalServers a go-to hosting provider for many gamers around the world.

3. ApexHosting

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  • American owned company founded in 2013
  • Offers One Click Modpacks and DDoS Protection
  • Provides 24/7 Server Support
  • Instant server setup and automated backups
  • Starting at $7.49 for the first month (2GB RAM)
  • Recurring price $9.99/month
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  • Easy-to-use server hosting for beginners and experienced admins
  • Quality customer support with 24/7 availability
  • Multiple server configurations for flexibility
  • High-performance servers with low latency


  • Relatively expensive
  • Claim of “unlimited player slots” but with limitations

Established in 2013, ApexHosting is an American owned company that specializes in Game server hosting. Their commitment to offering top-notch customer support is evident, with assistance available 24/7 for both new and seasoned server administrators.

ApexHosting operates on Tier 3 data centers, ensuring lower downtime and reliable performance. Their infrastructure includes features such as Instant Setup, Automated Backups, and DDoS Protection, providing seamless operation and enhanced security for game servers.

One of their unique offerings is the ‘One Click Modpacks’ which lets you install and play the best modpacks quickly and easily. This is particularly beneficial for games like Myth of Empires and other similar server hosting needs.

The server hosting plans start at $7.49 for the first month with 2GB RAM and a recurring price of $9.99 per month. For greater requirements, there are options ranging up to 10GB RAM with varying prices.

Each user also gets a free sub-domain per Apex server, which simplifies connection process and improves accessibility. Despite its relatively high costs, ApexHosting remains a solid option for those seeking comprehensive and reliable game server hosting services.

With its high-grade customer support, top-tier data centers, and powerful performance features, ApexHosting continues to impress and satisfy users seeking enhanced game server hosting solutions.

4. HostHavoc

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  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Instant Setup and Ultra-Fast Processors
  • 24/7/365 Support with 10 mins average response time
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • High-performance hosting for less
  • Wide range of server platforms supported
  • Full FTP access and server distribution
  • 72-Hour Satisfaction guarantee


  • Possible limitation in Rust server support
  • May need advanced knowledge for server setup

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Ottawa, HostHavoc has paved its way in the hosting industry with its commitment to delivering quality and high-performance hosting services at a cost-effective price. Being a team of passionate gamers, they understand first-hand the needs of a robust server platform, ensuring they deliver nothing but the best.

HostHavoc stands out for its swift server setup, around-the-clock support with an average response time under 10 minutes, and ultra-fast processors promising unrivalled game server performance. Their use of NVMe SSDs ensures your gaming experience is smooth, reducing loading times significantly.

They offer a robust 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring that your hosted content always remains accessible. This consistency is further backed by their dedication to provide satisfactory services. If you’re not happy with your purchase within the first 72 hours, they offer a full refund, no questions asked.

In terms of hosting services, HostHavoc provides an array of options including web hosting starting at $2.99 per month, Ryzen VPS from $10.00 per month, and dedicated server plans from $240.00 per month. These plans cater to diverse needs from forums, an online store, blog, or more demanding projects requiring raw performance. They also boast of catering to Myth of Empires server hosting, ensuring broad coverage for gamers.

In summary, HostHavoc’s features combined with their immense passion for gaming make them a worthy consideration for those seeking affordable, high-performance hosting solutions.

5. XGamingServer

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  • Dedicated Game Servers with Dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage
  • Hosting for over 20 different games, including Myth of Empires
  • Instant server provisioning
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Premium Support Team
  • Starting at $8/month
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  • Responsive and Knowledgeable Support Team
  • Dedicated Game Servers ensure optimal performance
  • Hosting for a variety of games
  • Immediate server setup


  • Possible issues with refund policy
  • Exceeding server size limit can lead to server going down

XGamingServer is highly recommended for its exceptional game server hosting services. Specifically designed for a superior gaming experience, their servers come with dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage.

Their servers are instantly set up within minutes of placing an order, and they offer advanced DDoS protection to ensure uninterrupted gaming. XGamingServer support team is known for their responsive and knowledgeable service, ensuring any issues or questions are resolved promptly.

XGamingServer hosts servers for over 20 different games including Myth of Empires, Valheim, The Front, 7 Days to Die, Terraria, Factorio, Project Zomboid, and more. They also offer a feature-packed game panel based on Pterodactyl that allows easy configuration and comes with automated cloud backups directly from the panel.

With data centers across North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia, they assure optimal ping rates for a seamless gaming experience. XGamingServer is not just recognized for its quality service, it also has partnerships including being the official hosting partner of Thundertore, a large Valheim Mod Database.

They offer a starting price of $8 per month, however, users need to be careful while choosing their server size. One of the reported drawbacks is the possibility of the server going down if the server size limit is exceeded.

Despite minor setbacks, XGamingServer maintains its reputation for delivering a premier gaming experience, powered by dedicated resources, quality support, and worldwide server locations.

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