5 Best Space Engineers Server Hosting 2024

Here is the list of the top 5 best Space Engineers server hosting providers that make it extremely easy to hosting your game online.

The Top 5 Best Space Engineers Server Hosting

1. GTX Gaming

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  • Game Optimized Network
  • First to host all games
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • Full Offsite Game Server Backups
  • DDOS protected game servers
  • Starting at $8.44/month for Space Engineers Server Hosting
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  • Wide variety of games hosting
  • 14 years of experience
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • All regions covered


  • Inadequate knowledgebase
  • Some staff members are reportedly short and impatient

GTX Gaming, one of the oldest companies in the game server hosting space, certainly lives up to its reputation providing high-quality hosting for games, including Space Engineers.

GTX Gaming ensures a top-notch gaming experience through its game optimized network. The infrastructure designed keeping low latencies and game performance in mind, backed by multiple 10GB fibres, provides a smooth playing environment.

With over a decade of experience, GTX Gaming is first to host many games. They start working on server software even before the launch of many games, ensuring they are ready to host on day one of releases.

Customer support is critical in the gaming hosting space and GTX Gaming excels in this aspect. With 24/7 support, players can be assured of receiving timely help whenever needed. Plus, the community support over Discord is a value-added asset.

With GTX Gaming, your game server backs up every day. Courtesy to the full offsite game server backups, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.

GTX Gaming’s hardware keeps up with the developments in the gaming world, making sure that their servers are updated annually to cater to the demands of modern online gaming.

Offering a world-wide service, GTX Gaming ensures high availability and low latency across the globe. Not to forget their successful attempts in providing top-notch DDoS protective services, contributing to a seamless and secure gaming experience.

Despite some cons, GTX Gaming has demonstrated that it is a reliable and solid choice for gamers seeking dedicated game server hosting solutions, including for Space Engineers.

2. BisectHosting

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  • Hosting services for Minecraft and 28+ top online games
  • Automated installation of over 2,000 Minecraft modpacks
  • Full file access and custom control panel
  • 24/7/365 support and an average ticket reply time under 15 minutes
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • DDoS protection and solid-state hosting drives
  • Servers worldwide for lower latency
  • Specialization in Minecraft server hosting
  • 3-day money-back guarantee


  • Control Panel can be slow

BisectHosting is a well-regarded game server hosting company, with a particular specialization in Minecraft server hosting. They support hosting for all Minecraft versions and provide a dedicated game server hosting for 28+ other popular online games, including Space Engineers Server Hosting.

The company not only excels in the variety of games it supports but also in the sheer number of modpacks, over 2,000, which it can pre-install automatically, making modding easy for gaming enthusiasts.

BisectHosting offers a 3-day money-back guarantee and unwavering support that remains active all year around. With an impressive average support ticket reply time of under 15 minutes, their dedicated support team ensures that your gaming server remains up and running, allowing you to focus solely on your gameplay.

In terms of pricing, plans start at just $2.99 per month with 1 GB of RAM, providing an affordable option for both beginners and seasoned gamers. Users can also choose from other plans depending on their server needs and budgets.

One of the strengths of BisectHosting lies in its worldwide coverage, offering game server hosting at 20 locations across the globe, thus ensuring you have minimal latency, regardless of where you’re located.

To further equip and protect gamers, every gaming server is equipped with DDoS protection and hosted on NVMe Solid State Drives for faster response times. The servers also come with a customizable control panel for a more personalized user experience.

Given its comprehensive array of features, robust security measures, and reputation for reliable uptime and performance, BisectHosting has firmly established itself among the top choices for gamers around the globe.

3. Survival Servers

survival server
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  • A provider dedicated to game server hosting, including SPACE ENGINEERS
  • High performance hardware with customized in-house control panel
  • Automated server setups with the ability to switch locations
  • Wide range of supported game titles
  • Varies between games and server sizes
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  • Dedicated game server hosting
  • Instant server setup and swift location switch
  • Comprehensive game support
  • Reliable performance and innovative optimization features


  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • Limited focus might exclude non-gaming hosting needs
  • No free trial available
  • Refund policy time window is limited

Founded in 2012, Survival Servers has established its name in the gaming community by providing top-notch game hosting services to customers worldwide. Their customized in-house control panel and high-performance hardware have made game hosting a smooth experience for many gamers.

Survival Servers guarantees an optimized gaming experience with instant server setup, full FTP and database access, automated server restarts, and up-to-date game & mod versions. Their low latency servers, powered by the latest CPUs and ultra-fast NVMe hard disks, offer zero lag for the ultimate gaming experience.

One of their standout services includes offering SPACE ENGINEERS Server Hosting, allowing players to enjoy this popular game with virtually no lag and high performance. The easy-to-use control panel lets users modify server settings and customization options with just a few clicks.

Despite their impressive performance and broad game title support, Survival Servers may be pricier compared to some other game server hosts. They also solely focus on game server hosting, which can be a drawback for those seeking more general hosting solutions. Additionally, the absence of a free trial period and a short refund policy window may discourage some gamers from trying out their services.

However, if you’re a gamer looking for a dedicated, reliable game server hosting solution, especially for SPACE ENGINEERS, Survival Servers could be an excellent choice.

4. HostHavoc

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  • High-performance hosting focused on gaming
  • Exceptional 24/7/365 support with under 10-minute average response
  • Specialized in Space Engineers server hosting
  • Offers full FTP access and web-based file manager
  • Web Hosting starting at $2.99/month
  • Ryzen VPS starting at $10.00/month
  • Dedicated hosting starting at $240.00/month
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  • Proficient in hosting gaming servers
  • Speedy customer service
  • Instant setup post purchase
  • Satisfaction guarantee with full refund within 72 hours


  • Rust servers may face limitations over 10 slots
  • More expensive dedicated hosting plans

Established in 2013, Canadian-based firm HostHavoc is renowned for its exceptional focus on gaming servers, offering high-performance hosting services for a broad range of games, including Space Engineers. Born out of a genuine love for gaming, the team comprises experts with first-hand experience in operating these server platforms, ensuring an unmatched level of service and support.

Over the years, HostHavoc has built its reputation on delivering swift and reliable hosting services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, made possible by partnering with top data centers globally. Their advanced technology includes NVMe SSDs, ultra-fast Ryzen and Xeon E-series processors, providing clients with significantly reduced loading times and superior game server performance.

Their commitment to quality and service extends to a knowledgeable 24/7 support team, ensuring response times of less than ten minutes, alongside an automatic provisioning system that delivers instant set-up upon order placement.

HostHavoc offers an expansive range of hosting plans to cater to a multitude of needs and budgets. Their web hosting services start at just $2.99 per month – an affordable solution for community forums, online stores, or blogs. For those requiring further processing power, Ryzen VPS starts at $10.00 per month or dedicated hosting at $240.00 per month. All feature quality DDoS protection, enhancing the security aspect of their hosting services.

In particular, their specialization in Space Engineers server hosting emphasizes their passion for gaming, appealing to those in the gaming community who are looking for superior hosting support and functionality. Their level of proficiency and customer-focused approach solidify HostHavoc as a preferred choice for gamers seeking a reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance hosting provider.

5. PingPerfect

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  • Optimized gaming servers including Space Engineers
  • Full Backup System to minimize interruptions
  • Free 1GB web hosting for building and promoting your community
  • 24/7 server monitoring by experts
  • Starting at $0.43/month
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  • Dedicated customer support
  • Easy-to-use game panel
  • An array of gaming servers
  • DDoS protection


  • Issues with server stability
  • Double charging complaints

PingPerfect is not merely a provider of game servers – it’s a lifestyle for the team behind it. Consisting of a crew of dedicated gamers, programmers and network technicians, the company strives to bring the best experience to its users, specializing in an array of games like Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers, and more.

The company offers premium game servers with a minimum of 32GB RAM and robust Xeon processors, guaranteeing stellar performance and optimal latency. Also, all game servers come with free web hosting, facilitating community building, sharing stats, and promoting the game server.

PingPerfect also places a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction, offering a 24-hour money-back guarantee. If the user is not satisfied with the game server, a refund is provided immediately, no questions asked!

As part of their commitment to excellent service, customer support is available 24/7, ready to answer your queries swiftly and effectively. They are also contactable via Skype, Xfire and Steam for added convenience.

PingPerfect’s game panel is praised for its easy configuration and advanced features. The control panel has a user-friendly interface, making server management a breeze even for novices. It also offers flexibility for advanced users requiring detailed control over their servers.

Despite some reports of server instability or double-billing issues, PingPerfect’s commitment to user satisfaction, range of services, and easy-to-use control panel makes it an attractive option for both experienced gamers and those new to game server hosting.

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