9 Best Rust Server Hosting 2024 (Compared)

Here I have compared and reviewed the best Rust server hosting providers based on their performance, latency, ease of use, and pricing.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios, known for its harsh and unforgiving gameplay. Released in 2013, it combines elements of survival, crafting, and combat in an open-world environment.

The Top 9 Best Rust Server Hosting Providers

1. Shockbyte

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  • Rust Server Hosting and Minecraft hosting
  • Supports all mod packs
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage
  • Starting at $2.50/month
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  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Unlimited Slots
  • DDoS Protection
  • 24-hour Money-back Guarantee


  • Doesn’t offer dedicated servers
  • Only a 24-hour money-back guarantee

Shockbyte rose to prominence as a game server provider to deliver top-notch services at competitive prices. As one of the earliest providers in the Minecraft hosting realm, the company expands its offerings to also include Rust Server Hosting.

A distinct feature of Shockbyte’s service is their 100% uptime guarantee, backed by advanced hardware assets and an experienced team of gamers and developers. This means your gaming experience would be seamless without the interruptions of server downtime.

The company also provides unrestricted access to NVMe SSD storage, ensuring exponential improvement in data transfer speed and overall performance. This, combined with their low latency rates, makes for an incredibly efficient hosting service.

Shockbyte’s pricing begins at a budget-friendly rate of $2.50 per month, providing more than fair access to high-quality gaming servers. Their plans even scale up to cater to larger requirements, all without compromising server performance and uptime.

Aside from standard features such as task scheduling, custom JAR support, and BungeeCord support, each plan is also bolstered by DDoS protection, 24/7 live chat support, and an array of impressive benefits.

Shockbyte’s commitment to delivering a brilliant user experience at a competitive price makes it a go-to choice for gamers across the globe. Whether for Minecraft hosting or Rust Server Hosting, Shockbyte promises and delivers a seamless gaming experience, regardless of the scale of requirements.

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2. ApexHosting

Editor Rating


  • One-click Modpacks Installation
  • 24/7 Servers & Support
  • Automated Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Starting at $7.49 for the first month
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable uptime and performance
  • Specialized for Game server hosting
  • Global data centers ensure low latency


  • Higher pricing
  • Claim of unlimited player slots is misleading

Apex Hosting is a popular choice among gaming enthusiasts looking for secure and efficient Game server hosting. It is an American owned company that was founded in 2013 with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service. They understand that starting a Game server is a new territory for many users and accordingly, they have built a robust infrastructure and a knowledgeable support team to assist at each step.

They offer one-click modpack installation, 24/7 server support, DDoS protection, and automated backups to ensure your gaming experience is seamless and uninterrupted. Their servers guarantee an average response time of 400ms, making the gameplay smooth for players.

Apex Hosting uses Tier 3 data centers around the globe, which keeps latency low for players regardless of their location. All Apex servers come with a free sub-domain, so it’s easy to connect to your server.

Their service plans cater to different gaming requirements and budgets. Apex offers servers starting from 2GB RAM for $7.49 for the first month, and additional pricing options can be selected every month. The highest tier server offers 10GB RAM for an initial price of $37.49 which recurs at $49.99/month.

3. Bisect Hosting

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  • Specializes in Minecraft and 28 other online games hosting
  • Pre-installs 2,000+ Minecraft modpacks automatically
  • Provides full file access
  • Offers a 3-day money-back guarantee and 24/7/365 support
  • Plans start from $2.99/month
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  • Reliable with worldwide servers for lower latency
  • Automated modpack installation for easy setup
  • DDoS protection to avoid downtime
  • Included dedicated server IP


  • The control panel might be slow

Bisect Hosting has delivered specialized services for Minecraft server hosting and 28 other online games since 2011. This company ensures your gaming experience is well-supported with their dedicated services.

With Bisect Hosting, you can install over 2,000 Minecraft modpacks automatically, and you’ll get full file access to your server. They also offer 24/7 support with quick response times, responding to most tickets in under 15 minutes. Additionally, they have a 3-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Bisect Hosting maintains servers worldwide to ensure lower latency and better performance for your games no matter where you are located. They also provide DDoS protection to secure your games from any potential threats.

Hosting plans at Bisect Hosting start from $2.99 per month and the recommended plan costs $5.98 per month for 2GB of RAM, making them an affordable option for your gaming needs. They offer several other plans as well, scaling up to 4GB of RAM.

For Minecraft enthusiasts and online gamers, Bisect Hosting promises solid performance, low latency, and reliable support, making them a good choice for your hosting needs.

It is also featured as one of the 5 Best Enshrouded Server Hosting

3. GTX Gaming

Editor Rating


  • First to host all games with over 100+ options
  • Optimized gaming network for low latency
  • 24 Hour customer support
  • Hardware updated every year for modern gaming
  • Starting at $6.00/month
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  • Great performance with game optimized network
  • Wide range of games and regions covered
  • Full offsite game server backups
  • Mobile compatible control panel


  • The knowledge base could be more comprehensive
  • Some senior support staff may come off as abrasive

Founded 14 years ago, GTX Gaming has established itself as a reliable provider of game server hosting. The company’s optimized network design prioritizes low latency, ensuring seamless gaming experiences for users.

The GTX Gaming hardware is updated every year to keep up with modern gaming demands, maintaining its edge in delivering high performance. In particular, for Rust Server Hosting, the company offers great value for money with prices starting at $15.50 per month.

What sets GTX Gaming apart is its commitment to customer service. Operating 24/7, their customer support team is always ready to assist, whether through a ticket system or via their active Discord community.

Another great feature is the daily full backup of game servers, which are then moved offsite to guarantee the safety and security of your data. Furthermore, the company offers a mobile compatible control panel allowing easy server admin accessibility from anywhere.

In terms of coverage, GTX Gaming spans across the globe, hosting servers in various locations like USA, EU, Canada, Australia, Asia, Sweden, Finland, and Brazil. This global footprint ensures low latency regardless of where players are located.

While the company offers a broad range of services, there is room for improvement specifically in their knowledge base and the professionalism of some support staff members. However, the high-quality hosting performance and extensive features make GTX Gaming a solid choice for game server hosting.

GTX is also known for hosting games like Palworld.

4. SparkedHost

sparked hosting
Editor Rating


  • Industry-leading Minecraft Server hosting provider
  • New Apollo Panel for advanced game server management
  • Range of hosting options including Rust Server hosting starting at $11/mo
  • Enterprise-level hardware used
  • Starting at $1.00/month
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  • Budget-friendly options available
  • Premium Locations for worldwide access
  • Instant Setup after payment
  • Free DDoS Protection


  • Difficulties with server mod packs
  • Inadequate support

SparkedHost is a well-known provider in the gaming industry for quality Minecraft Server hosting. They offer robust services, bolstered by their innovative Apollo Panel, that simplifies game server management.

SparkedHost excels in its uses of enterprise-level hardware, ensuring its products are always operational and user-friendly. They cater to global users with various premium locations for the best service, regardless of your location.

Among their wide range of game hosting options, SparkedHost provides the ever-popular Rust Server hosting starting at just $11.00 per month. This makes SparkedHost an excellent choice for exploring and surviving the open world of Rust.

SparkedHost ensures you can kickstart your game hosting quickly with its instant setup feature. Moreover, each of their products comes with free DDoS protection to guarantee your safety and continuous gaming experience.

However, users have reported occasional issues with server mod packs and an inadequate support response. Despite these minor areas for improvement, SparkedHost’s outstanding features and affordable pricing makes it a go-to for many gaming enthusiasts.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, reputable, and feature-packed game hosting provider, you should definitely consider SparkedHost for your needs.

5. Scalacube

Editor Rating


  • The fastest, most reliable, and cheap Minecraft server hosting
  • 1000+ unique modpacks with one-click installation
  • Full FTP Access for complete server file control
  • Extensive App support with a full LAMP stack available
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Starting at FREE for basic servers, pricing increases with added features
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  • Features full mod and plugin support
  • Provides DDoS Protection
  • Free Subdomain
  • Automated Backups are included


  • Slow Support Responses
  • Some features limited to higher-tier plans

ScalaCube provides an unmatched Minecraft server hosting experience with its lightning-fast servers and extensive feature set. They offer one-click installation for more than 1000+ unique modpacks, freeing users from the hassle of manual installation.

With servers based in multiple locations around the globe, ScalaCube guarantees ultra-low latency for your Minecraft games. This ensures a lag-free, seamless gaming experience, regardless of where you or your players are located.

ScalaCube allows full FTP access, giving its users complete control over their server files. This includes the ability to edit plugins, mods, world settings, and more. Their control panel even offers access to a full LAMP stack, which includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP support, further extending customization possibilities.

Server security is robust with DDoS protection in place to defend against any threats. They also provide automated backups, safeguarding the world you’ve spent time building against loss or corruption.

ScalaCube offers a wide variety of plans starting from free basic servers to more advanced ones with higher RAM and CPU power. This range of options caters to various needs and budget constraints.

Whether it’s for a small group of friends or a large community of players, ScalaCube’s Minecraft server hosting and Rust Server Hosting, provides the flexibility, performance, and security you need for an enjoyable gaming experience.

6. SurvivalServers

survival server
Editor Rating


  • Instant server setup
  • Full FTP and database access
  • Auto server restarts and notifications
  • DDoS Protection
  • Pricing may be higher compared to some competitors
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  • Wide selection of supported game titles, including Rust
  • High-performance hardware with latest CPUs, DDR4 memory, NVMe hard disks
  • User-friendly in-house control panel
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • Limited focus on game server hosting
  • No free trial period available
  • Limited refund policy time window

Since its inception in 2012, SurvivalServers has been meeting the hosting needs of game servers around the world. The company offers high-performance hardware armed with its custom in-house control panel, lending to its popularity among gaming enthusiasts.

SurvivalServers offers customers the benefit of instant server setup, full FTP, and database access which ensures consistent up-to-date game and mod versions. In addition, their hosting plans come with dedicated resources, which provides reliable performance for game servers like Rust.

The company boasts of zero lag, low latency environment making it an ideal hosting solution for gamers. High-speed NVMe disks and DDR4 memory, coupled with the latest Intel/AMD CPUs, allows SurvivalServers to deliver seamless gaming experiences.

The hosting provider provides an extended range of supported game titles and allows customization of server settings and mods. Despite the absence of a free trial period, SurvivalServers has gained appreciation for its responsive customer support and user-friendly control panel.

While SurvivalServers may have limited focus on game server hosting and its pricing may be marginally higher in comparison to its competitors, its advanced feature-rich offering and reliable performance make it a worthy choice for game server hosting, particularly for Rust servers.

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7. HostHavoc

Editor Rating


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 expert support with 10-minute response window
  • Ultra-fast performance with NVMe SSD storage
  • Satisfaction guarantee with full refund within 72 hours of initial sign-up
  • Starting at $2.99/month
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  • Instant setup
  • Rust Server Hosting that supports all modpacks
  • Budget-friendly hosting solution with high quality
  • 24/7 node monitoring


  • Rust servers may support up to 10 slots

Founded in 2013, HostHavoc distinguishes itself through its commitment to delivering cost-friendly, high-performance hosting services. The company boasts a quality hosting infrastructure that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with the most reliable uplinks.

Known for their passion and expertise in gaming, HostHavoc also provides excellent Rust Server Hosting that supports all modpacks, and ensures an optimal gaming experience with instant setup and 24/7 node monitoring. However, it’s important to note that their Rust servers may only support up to 10 slots.

One of HostHavoc’s strengths is its 24/7 customer support service. The company maintains an average ticket response time of fewer than 10 minutes, ensuring that customers would never have to wait hours, let alone days, for a response.

Moreover, HostHavoc offers a variety of hosting options, starting at just $2.99 per month for web hosting. Other options include Ryzen VPS hosting starting at $10.00 per month and dedicated hosting starting at $240.00 per month. These hosting options are designed to cater to a wide range of needs and budgets.

With its guarantee of high performance, instant setup, and top-tier customer support, HostHavoc continues to stand as an exceptional choice for those seeking a swift, efficient, and affordable hosting solution.

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8. XGamingServer

Editor Rating


  • Dedicated Game Server Hosting with Dedicated CPU, RAM, and Storage
  • Instant Provision for game servers
  • Advanced Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Supports over 20 different games
  • Premium Support and Community and Support
  • Starting at $8/month
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  • Dedicated game servers for optimal performance
  • Responsive and knowledgeable support team
  • Global Datacenters for smooth gaming experience
  • Partner Program for Streamers & Creators


  • Some experience of server going down due to exceeding the server size limit
  • Refund policy related issues reported

XGamingServer stands out in providing dedicated game server hosting that promises an excellent gaming experience. Utilizing dedicated CPU, RAM, and storage, gamers can enjoy enhanced performance incomparable to shared gaming hosts.

The company takes pride in its instant provision of game servers, meaning you can quickly start up and run your server within minutes of purchasing a plan. Furthermore, XGamingServer implements advanced Anti-DDoS technology to protect your game servers from disruptive attacks.

Boasting a wide array of gaming options, XGamingServer allows you to host servers for over 20 games, including Rust, Valheim, The Front, 7 Days to Die, Terraria, Factorio, and Project Zomboid.

Moreover, they are equipped with a comprehensive game panel based on Pterodactyl filled with excellent features such as easy configuration, server and game file control, automated cloud backups, MYSQL databases, Mod Manager, and more.

To ensure a smooth gaming experience regardless of your location, XGamingServer maintains game servers in strategically located data centers across North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

XGamingServer’s value proposition extends beyond just gaming, they also offer a partner program for content creators and streamers. Furthermore, they provide various support channels including a Discord community, a ticketing system, and a comprehensive knowledge base for users.

Despite some reported issues related to refunds and server capacity, XGamingServer continues to receive positive reviews thanks to their superior support team, game variety, and solid gaming performance. Starting from $8 per month, XGamingServer is indeed a top choice for dedicated Rust Server hosting and so much more.

9. GameTeam

Editor Rating


  • Top-notch AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs for all servers
  • Unlimited SSD storage and server slots
  • Ready-to-use MySQL databases and full FTP file access
  • Professional 24/7 technical support
  • Rust game server hosting: Starting at $0/Slot
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  • High-performance gaming servers
  • Automated backups for data recovery
  • Proprietary 5 TB/s DDoS protection included
  • Unbeatable server uptime at 99.999%


  • Practicality of unlimited server slots can vary based on workload
  • Different games have different pricing per slot

GameTeam has built its reputation on offering high-performance gaming hosting services at an affordable price. Powered by a team of gaming enthusiasts, GameTeam offers an unmatched gaming experience that is built on the foundation of their first-hand knowledge and expertise.

GameTeam guarantees an unparalleled gaming experience with their AMD Ryzen 9 5950x CPUs, widely recognized as some of the fastest processors globally. Supplementing this with unlimited SSD storage, server slots, and a ready-to-use MySQL database helps GameTeam deliver a glitch-free and immersive gaming experience.

Furthermore, they prioritize user convenience with their instant server activation, ensuring your gaming fun starts in just a few seconds. Their proprietary 5 TB/s DDoS protection safeguards against attacks while the 99.999% uptime SLA ensures a seamless gaming experience.

GameTeam’s Rust game server hosting is particularly noteworthy. Starting at $0/Slot, their carefully optimized servers offer professional-grade performance and low latency, ensuring a smooth and immersive Rust experience.

Whether for Minecraft or Rust, or any other game, GameTeam’s robust technical support is available 24/7 to ensure your gaming sessions go uninterrupted. If you face any issue or need help, just reach out to their team.

GameTeam has demonstrated its commitment to providing a high-quality, affordable, and user-friendly gaming hosting service. In terms of performance, reliability, and pricing, GameTeam has proved to be a formidable choice for gamers worldwide.

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